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Redbridge has been successful in a bid to become involved in the Early Years Inclusion Project run by Dingley’s Promise and funded through Comic Relief. The project runs until June 2026 and a total of 10 free on-line courses will be available. Currently, you are able to access four courses with the plan to add another 2 courses each year.  Redbridge parents and anyone working with early years within Redbridge can access these courses, although they are specifically aimed at early years settings. Registration is on an individual basis via Early Years Inclusion Programme - Dingley's Promise and you will receive a confirmation email a few days later to confirm registration and link you to the training. There is also an opportunity to attend a webinar on 21st November at 5pm to find out more about the training and the registration process. This webinar will be recorded for those who register:

Dingley's Promise Early Years Inclusion Project on-line registration

What is the Early Years Inclusion Programme?

It is a programme of training designed to empower early years practitioners to deliver inclusive practices by upskilling them through training and shared information/learning resources. It is expected that the training will increase learners’ awareness of the needs of all children, especially those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their confidence in supporting the learning and well-being of all children in their setting.

How long is the programme running for?

The programme is currently running through until June 2026.

Who is the course for?

It is for anyone who works in or with early years across the local authority.

Do you have to work directly with children to go through the programme?

No, but the course is designed with practitioners in mind, so those working directly with children will get the most benefit from the programme.

Can parents take the course?

Yes, they can, should they wish to do so, but the course is designed with practitioners in mind, so those working directly with children will get the most benefit from the programme.

Can everyone in a setting go through the programme?

Yes – We encourage as many people in the setting as possible to go through the training because that is the best way to make and embed change. And the more people that go through the training in your setting, the greater the chance of your setting achieving the Dingley’s Promise Master level kitemark as an Inclusion Friendly Setting.

Does everyone need to register individually or can one person from each setting register?

Anyone who wishes to undertake the training should register individually. This helps us identify how many people from your setting have been through the training when you apply for your Dingley’s Promise kitemark as and Inclusion Friendly Setting.

How much will the programme cost?

The programme is fully funded by Comic Relief for those working within Redbridge Local Authority, so it is completely free of charge to you so long as you are located within Redbridge.


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