About FiND

This Family Services Directory is produced and managed by Families Information Direct (FiND) - who are part of Education and Inclusion Services for children in the London Borough of Redbridge.


About Families Information Direct (FiND)

Families Information Direct (FiND) is a 'one stop' information and advice service for families and people who work with families.

We specialise in providing information and advice on a wide range of issues that impact on family life – from childcare and childcare funding; activities for children and young people through to care and support services available for when the going gets tough! We know that children don't come with an instruction manual and that most families need guidance and support at some time as they face the rewards and challenges of bringing up children.

FiND is made up of a small team of highly knowledgeable information/outreach officers and project workers who are happy to assist with any question you may have – so long as they're related to you and your family's needs. Our philosophy is 'If we can't help you, we'll find someone who can!'

We're also keen to hear your feedback so we can make positive changes to improve the services we provide. There is feedback form on this page, accessible via the "Is this information correct?" button.


About the Family Services Directory (FSD)

The Family Services Directory (FSD) is simply another way for you to obtain the information and advice you need from FiND. However, we can't guarantee that everything you need to know for your family is here on the website. Not only is the site constantly being developed but we also recognise that sometimes it can be more reassuring to actually speak to somebody over the phone or in person.


How to use the directory

Please take a few minutes to browse the directory to see how the directory is structured. You should find that it should take no more than 3 clicks. If you are looking for something very specific type in a word or name of a service or look it up on the A to Z search.

We hope that you will find this directory simple and straightforward to use. However, if you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we're always looking to improve it for your needs so if you have any suggestions please let us know or complete a feedback form (accessible via the "Is this information correct?" button).


Where does all the information come from?

We work closely with a wide range of organisations to collect information on local services for families. Key partners include health, other council departments (too many to mention), OfSTED, voluntary organisations, private businesses and other local government agencies to name but a few. However, you, our customers, lead the range of information that we hold. Our philosophy is: If we can't help, we'll find someone who can. Putting this into practice has helped us to develop our database of contacts, expand our knowledge in new areas and enhance the range of information and advice that we can offer.

We also recognise that there are a wealth of practitioners who are experts in their field and that there is no point in 're-inventing the wheel' - so we also signpost to local and national organisations and agencies who can provide specialised advice and guidance to families.


Statutory information about this section

As part of the Childcare Act 2006, within Section 12, every local authority has a duty to provide information, advice and guidance on the full range of services available to families in their area. As the Families Information Service (FIS) in Redbridge, FiND was already at the forefront of providing such services and in April 2008, when the information duty was enforced by central government, work began on this Family Services Directory (FSD).


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