People Strategy Consultation - closing date for survey: 28th February 2024

London Borough of Redbridge

The Redbridge People strategy outlines our vision and strategic priorities over the next five years. The Strategy sets out what we will be doing, and how we will direct our resources to achieve our ambitions to work towards reducing inequality, ensuring our vulnerable residents are safe and well, and improving the lives of all our residents.

Our new People Strategy sets out five strategic priorities over the next five years and is followed by ‘we will’ statements. This listening exercise is an opportunity for our residents, communities, partners and stakeholders to have their say in shaping the strategic direction of the People Directorate.

What are our priorities?

Our proposed Ambitions and Priorities are:

Strategic Priority 1: Be Happy, Safe and Well

  • Aim to ensure that every child has the best start in life.
  • Identity and support children, young people and vulnerable adults to keep them safe from harm and abuse.
  • Promote a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing across all education settings.
  • Help residents to be physically and mentally well for as long as possible and manage their conditions.
  • Make sure unpaid carers get support for their own mental health, wellbeing, and needs.
  • Provide support to people to prevent, reduce or delay the need for ongoing support and maximise their independence.
  • Promote keeping fit and well to reduce the demand for health and social care services.
  • Ensure information and advice is easily available and enables people to make informed choices about their care and support.
  • Explore opportunities for people to connect and build relationships to reduce social isolation.
  • Reduce health inequalities.

Strategic Priority 2: Achieve Your Full Potential

  • Aim to give children and young people the support they need to achieve success.
  • Recognise and develop support received by children looked after so they can achieve their full potential.
  • Improve the outcomes for care leavers by implementing the Care Leavers Covenant
  • Improve educational attainment by closing the achievement for children and young people from all backgrounds, support families to give children the best start in life and create a Child Friendly Borough
  • Explore opportunities to work with education providers, businesses, and voluntary and community sector to support care leavers to gain work experience and employment.
  • Help young people have the qualifications, skills, confidence, self-esteem and opportunities to contribute to society when entering adulthood.
  • Increase education and skill levels for disabled residents.

Strategic Priority 3: Disproportionality and Equity

  • Identify those that are over and underrepresented in services.
  • Determine some of the factors that form the lived experiences of those that are disproportionately under/overrepresented to understand how diversity, social inequality and poverty impact the lived experiences of children, young people, and vulnerable adult to achieve positive benefits.
  • Make better use of management information and data to inform discussions and action planning as to how barriers to accessing services can be removed.
  • Discover the reasons why some groups are over-represented within services we provide and, what actions are needed to support communities disadvantaged through poorer outcomes.
  • Develop targeted interventions to establish effective practices to engage with under or overrepresented groups.
  • Work with partners to understand the experiences, causes and how to reduce disproportionality amongst black and dual heritage boys in the youth justice service.
  • Work with schools to explore reasons for over representation of Black pupils and pupils with SEND in exclusions and to explore how they can be addressed.
  • Co-design and co-create services with underrepresented groups to empower them to achieve their best lives and achieve their full potential.

Strategic Priority 4: Develop the Workforce

  • Improve recruitment and retention of staff though the implementation of the People Directorate Recruitment and Retention Strategy.
  • Maintain our commitment to the London Pledge and continue to drive for permanency in our staffing arrangements.
  • Implement the findings from the Independent Children's Social Care Review.
  • Embed the training and learning around Trauma Informed Practice.
  • Support providers of social care services to develop and support their staff through a wellbeing offer and development opportunities.
  • Work collaboratively with local providers and partners to explore solutions to care staff shortages locally particularly by Influencing social work teaching/training across local universities.

Strategic Priority 5: Build Relationships and Work in Partnership

  • Listen to the voice of users of our services to ensure that they have a say in shaping services that they use.
  • Where possible, empower users of services, their family, and carers to get involved in designing and commissioning person-centred services.
  • Deliver a more joined up services to maximise efficiency and achieve improved outcome.
  • Create collaborative and innovative approaches to local challenges with our partners.
  • Work more effectively with partners to reduce the complexity for residents.
  • Aim to ensure residents get the right help and support, at the right time, from the right services through the one front door project and integrated technology.
  • Put relationships at the forefront of our approach to improving services, including work to improve practice, systems, and commissioning.

How can I engage?

Our main method of engagement is an online survey, available on this page. You do not have to complete the entire survey. However, it would be good to have your feedback on all sections to help inform the Strategy.

If you require support to complete the survey (for example, the survey in another language) or have any questions regarding this consultation, please use the contact details available under the 'Who's Listening' section on the right hand side of this page.

This consultation will be available for 12 weeks until 28 February 2024.

To take part in the survey, please click on the link below:

People strategy consultation | Let's Talk Redbridge

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