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What is the Residential Support Scheme?

If you need to study away from home because the course you want isn’t available locally, you may be able to get financial help with the cost of your term-time accommodation.

Am I eligible?

You may qualify for the Residential Support Scheme if you are 16 or over, and are 'ordinarily resident' in England. The course you are thinking of taking must:

  • be outside a 'reasonable daily travelling distance' from your home - and there cannot be similar courses available locally (this would be more than 15 miles or more than a 2 hour return journey)
  • be for your first level 2 or level 3 qualification
  • involve at least 15 hours' attendance a week, and be of at least 10 weeks’ duration
  • be what's known as 'learner-responsive funded provision' (if you’re not sure, ask your college’s student adviser)

How do I apply?

Ask your school or college for a Residential Support Scheme application pack.

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