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Are you a partner agency leading on an Early Help Case and need some help?    

An Early Help case is where an agency is providing support to a child/young person and their family to address any issues they are experiencing and improve outcomes. An example of this is a Health Visitor’s caseload or a Family Support Worker employed by a school. These could also be multi-agency Early Help Assessments also known as CAF, where someone is in a Lead Practitioner role. 

Where there are open cases to any agency providing Early Help services that are not improving, high cost to any agency providing a service including the local authority, or where problems are escalating, a referral can be made to the Multi Agency Early Intervention Panel – Complex Case Discussion. This panel is made up of a range of agencies that have a role for supporting vulnerable children, young people and their families.  

They will provide a multi-agency management perspective between partner agencies for cases currently open to Early Help services, providing scrutiny and challenge, guidance and access to resources to prevent escalation and progress outcomes. They also have the ability to escalate or ‘step cases up’ to children’s social care for a single assessment if it exceeds early help thresholds.

The panel itself will meet monthly, with a core membership and additional members who will join to discuss specific cases. 

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