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Cycling tips from Transport For London (TfL)

Whats good about going by bike:

  • Cycling  is a great way to get to and from school and gives you freedom and independence.
  • For a short journey its the fastest way to travel. Its 4 times quicker than walking?
  • Its the most fun way to get to school - make everyday a bit of an adventure.
  • Its easy to hang out with your friends after school and explore your neighbourhood.

Find all the cool places to ride around London on the cycle guide maps on the TfL website.  

Here are some essential safety tips:

  • Dont hug the kerb - ride where you can be seen and avoid hazards like opening car doors and potholes.
  • Always stop at a red light at traffic lights - red lights are there for a reason. dont risk your safety by cycling through one.
  • Be careful around cars and lorries at junction - make eye contact to be sure they have seen you.
  • Look out for pedestrians - you're not allowed to cycle on the footpath (unless its a cycle path to) and you have to stop at crossings for people to cross on foot.
  • Your helmet will only help if you wear it right - do up the straps right to make sure it fits you.
  • Concentrate!
  • You have to have lights on your bike at night - why not get some glowing stickers for your bag or bike so that you can be seen more easily. Light coloured clothing helps to.

Top tips on looking after your bike

  • Get a good lock - D-locks with keys are best (look for a "Sold Secure" sticker) but if you tend to lose stuff get a combination lock!
  • Lock the frame to the stand - and if you've got "quick release" wheels, make sure they're locked to.
  • Find somewhere to lock your bike (avoid dark corners!).
  • Make sure what you lock your bike to won't be easy to remove - look for a cycle stand.
  • Remove any lights or parts that come off easily - if you don't, somebody else will...

 Not feeling very confident on your bike?

Bikeability cycle training lessons at school are a great way to get the skills for riding to school. Ask about cycle training at your school or local council or try riding with or older brother or sister. 

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