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Activities for a rainy day

There is nothing worse than rainy days in the middle of the school holidays, when you are cooped up inside with nothing planned and you are feeling bored.  Look at this list of rainy day activities for just such a day.  

Sorting through the toy cupboard

This can be great fun!  Get everyone together and try to clear one shelf or drawer.  You will re-discover old treasures, find bits and pieces that can be thrown away and others than can be passed on to others or sold.  If you are not sure whether to get rid of some of the toys, try packing them away in a box for a while.  When they come out again they will either cause a sensation, or not – this will make it easy to decide on their fate.

Record the sounds around you

Get out a tape recorder and make a project out of recording everyday sounds.  Try water running in the back, someone ringing the door bell and answering the door, or flushing the toilet.  Get your friends to record sounds and then get together to see which of them you can recognise.

Make a story tape

Another one for the tape recorder – find a story you enjoy and make your own story tape!   Each person can take a turn at reading/telling part of the story or being a particular character.  You can make the sound effects as well!!!!  It might take a bit of practice but it will be a lot of fun.

Have a jigsaw afternoon

Get your jigsaws out, invite your friends to bring some too and then have a marathon jigsaw session.  Some libraries will have jigsaws you can borrow and charity shops often have them for sale very cheaply.  Tip: if your jigsaw box has seen better days – cut out the picture from the box and put it, along with the puzzle pieces, in a clear plastic bag.

Have a mammoth junk modelling session with friends

Invite some friends around and ask them to bring their craft cupboard junk with them – you provide glue, scissors, sticky tape etc and see what you can make together – maybe modern art, boats, houses or even one big model!

Make a house of cards

If you don’t know any card games or are sitting on your own try building a card house!  Start by balancing two cards against each other so they stand up in an inverted V-shape – and add to it from there!

Make an indoor obstacle course

This one needs permission from an adult!  Use easily moveable furniture to mark out a course.   You could make a tunnel to crawl through with a blanket draped over low tables, space cushions or magazines around the floor to make stepping stones, - you are sure to have more ideas once you get going – decide on your route and complete the obstacle course!!

Practice balancing

Try walking the length of a room with a book balanced on your head.  When you can do that, try balancing two or three – you can even add a cuddly toy on the very top!

Make an indoor den

Drape a few blankets, sheets or table clothes between chairs, tables, clothes driers or tie thee ends to cupboard knobs, door handles etc. to make a wonderful indoor den.  Get some colouring books/pens or other things to do, play some music, add a torch or two and camp out for a while!

Play with string (not for younger children)

Older children can create some wonderful inventions with a ball of string and their imagination. A toilet roll middle and a sloping length of string makes a great message chute or rocket.  Make a lift or hoist for action toys and tow ropes for cars.   Find out about cats cradle games with string – find cotton reels, large buttons etc. to thread and make whacky necklaces and bracelets.

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