Tamara Peggs (ticketyboo_childcare) - network childminder

My name is Tamara and I have been an Ofsted registered childminder since 2006. I am also a Forest  childcare provider and a member of the Forest Childcare Association, we spend a lot of our time having fun and learning outside in the natural environment. Walks in nature, outings, visits to local playgroups are a regular feature of our day. 

My creative background means that I love to share art and craft, messy play and cooking activities with the children. Please check out my Instagram account called ticketyboo_childcare to see all the activities we do and fun adventures we have. 

To support children’s learning through play I organise stimulating and exciting activities that are designed to help use the children’s language, imagination and mathematical thinking. 

I have a NVQ level 3 in children’s care, learning and development and I am an accredited network childminder. 

I provide a warm friendly and relaxed environment for children and would love to welcome your child to my home. 

I am a Forest childcare provider.

Who to contact

07831 614278 07831 614278

I also have an Instagram account called ticketyboo_childcare

Where to go

Woodford Green
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Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Thursday - 7.30am to 5.30pm. Available during all school holidays and half terms.
Time of day

Other Details

£65 per day

Childcare Information

Funded Places

Has 3 & 4 year old funding
Has 2 year old funding

Opening Times & Facilities

Outdoor garden
Hot meals provided
Visits and outings
Parking available for pick up or drop off
Transporting children to and from school
Free Early Learning - 3 & 4 years
Free Early Learning - Extended entitlement
Sleeping area
Caters for all dietary needs
Free Early Learning - 2 years
Caters for all cultural needs
Network childminder

School Pickups

Does offer school pickups

Glade Primary School

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest Ofsted inspection report 
Local Offer

As part of the Children and Families Act 2014, all schools in Redbridge are required to make available their Local SEND Offer to families which details how they can support children and young people with a special educational need and/or disability (SEND).

Your settings ethos

My aim is to provide a professional, high quality caring and stimulating and educational environment where all children can have fun. To treat children as individuals with equal concern with kindness, consideration and respect. Support will be given to children with SEN so they have full access to the curriculum. They will be included in all activities alongside their peers. To enable children to become confident and help them achieve their full potential. My ethos is to work in partnership with the parents enabling them to play an active role in their child’s education.

Description of your setting

My house is a two-storey building. The whole of the ground floor which is open plan is play based and I also have a fully enclosed garden which is used for childminding. I have a step up to the porch entrance – this could be adapted with a ramp. The toilet is located upstairs. There is a small step in the garden from patio to grass lawn. We have access to a sensory room in a local children’s centre.

Identifying children’s additional needs

How will the setting know if my child needs additional help and how will the school share information with me?

Children who are experiencing difficulty with their learning and identified through discussion with parents/carers and observations.

All assessment is play based and follows the EYFS curriculum milestones. When a child has a recognised condition or ongoing medical condition, relevant information is sought from parents/carers on admission and kept in the child’s confidential folder. My setting follows the relevant guidelines for data protection and confidentiality. Records are passed on to the next setting/school with parents/carers permission.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns about my child's SEND?

I am the overall responsible person for SEN in the setting. I am responsible for ensuring that legislation is met.

Involving pupils and parents/carers in planning support

How will the school involve me as a parent and my child in meeting our SEND needs and in general school life?

  • Planning and review meetings
  • Advice on how to support learning at home 
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting
  • Parenting advice

Range of support available to my child

  • EYFS Curriculum planning differentiation
  • Support for behaviour
  • Support for health needs
  • Additional support strategies
  • Partnership working with other professionals
  • Support for communication needs

Measuring children’s progress

How will the school know how well my child is doing and how will they inform me about this?

All activities are differentiated to meet children’s needs and allow full access to the learning curriculum. A two year assessment progress check is compiled with the child is two years. The covers the child’s attainment and progress in the prime areas of the EYFS.


Support and training for staff

Have any staff received specialist training in SEND?

My training is closely linked to the setting’s improvement plan.

Accessibility of the setting

How is the setting accessible to children with SEND?

Resources are located at children’s level and the toy boxes are clearly labelled.


How will the school ensure that my child will be included in all activities at school, after school clubs and on school trips?

All activities are differentiated according to children’s level of development. Risk assessments are completed and for outings to ensure health and safety is maintained at all times.

Starting or changing settings (Transitions)

How will the school support my child to change classes and/or move on to a new school when they reach the appropriate stage(s)?

Children undergo a gradual transition to my setting or to start school. School visits and transition meetings with the receiving school are organised to get the child accustomed to the new environment. These visits need to be flexible and multiple in order for the child to have the most benefit. I will pass all relevant transition records on to the next setting/school (with parents/carers permission).

Support and training for parents/carers

What support and training within the school is available to parents and carers?

  • Coffee mornings
  • Parent consultation
  • Links with Children's Centres

Further information for families and practitioners

I value parents’/carers’ deep knowledge of their own children. Parents/carers comments are included in assessment and review. I have an open door policy, offering informal chats as necessary and formal discussion by appointment. I involve parents/carers in my setting through planning, implementation of strategies and identifying learning and development outcomes for their own children.


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