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Scope Face 2 Face Service

Scope's Face 2 Face service offers parents of disabled children one to one support from trained volunteer befrienders, who are themselves parents of disabled children. Befrienders offer support, practical advice and reassurance. Many parents find it invaluable to have another parent who can simply listen and understand.

Face 2 Face groups operate in several locations across England and Wales, but there are many areas that don't have a group. They would like more people to be able to use the service and that's why they would like you to complete the survey which you can find via the link below.

Are you interested in volunteering?

Face 2 Face, the local service that offers one to one befriending and workshops and groups, is looking for new volunteer team members in Redbridge.

Befrienders are offered a place on intensive training over several weeks covering basic counselling skills (and the difference between counselling and befriending), safeguarding and supporting families coming to terms with their child’s disability.

“I found the training an uplifting and powerful experience,” says Rosalind, a member of the current befriending team for Face 2 Face in Brighton, whose eight year old son has Down Syndrome and autism. “It’s a winner on the self-esteem front, so being a befriender has had health benefits all round.”

Training starts soon and places are limited. For more information call Andrea on 07436 831217 or email her at

Who to contact

Andrea Wershof
07436 831217
0808 800 3333 (helpline)

Other Details

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