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Parent Support Advisors (PSA) in Redbridge

Parents Support Advisers in Redbridge perform a range of duties at primary schools, including:

  • working with children to identify and address parents’ support needs;
  • providing accessible information, explanation, guidance and signposting to services;
  • supporting parents and their children through transitions to ensure continual engagement with schools and learning;
  • working with a range of networks and partnerships to develop parenting skills and to broker support, to sustain and help parents engage positively with their child’s learning and development; and,
  • offering access to parenting groups and family learning.

How do PSAs contribute to school improvement?

  • PSAs work with Headteachers to agree clear objectives that support overall school improvement plans. This could include:
  • helping schools to develop their links with outside agencies (both statutory and voluntary), and encouraging agencies to feel more comfortable about working with schools;
  • ‘opening doors’ and creating a ‘fast track’ to third party provision;
  • help schools to communicate more effectively with parents by advising on language, tone and style;
  • acting as advocates for parents and using their knowledge of parents’ needs to challenge certain school policies and ways of working;
  • early intervention, preventing potential problems between parents and schools escalating; and,
  • increase parental involvement in children’s learning.

Primary schools in Redbridge that have a PSA or similar role:

  • Christchurch Primary
  • Cleveland Primary
  • Fairlop Primary
  • Farnham Green Primary
  • Fullwood Primary
  • Glade Primary
  • Hatton Special School
  • Manford Primary
  • Oakdale Juniors
  • Ray Lodge Primary
  • Roding Primary
  • St Anthony's Primary
  • St Augustine's Primary
  • SS Peter and Paul's Primary
  • South Park Primary 

If your child goes to one of the above schools and you want to reach the PSA please speak to staff at the school office.

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