Unhappy with things? It’s OK to complain! - Complaints service for children and young people (Redbridge)

Are you unhappy or worried about something and feel that no one is listening to you?

Are you a looked after child or care leaver or are you getting help from Social Care in some other way?

We feel your views are important.

You have the right:

  • To be treated with respect
  • To say what you think and feel about decisions being made that affect you
  • To have your language and culture respected
  • To have your gender and sexuality respected
  • To have your religion respected
  • To live with your family and community if possible
  • To have protection from harmful treatment
  • To an education and health care
  • To a safe place to live

It is your right to raise any concerns that you may have and by telling us about it, this can help to make things better for you and help to improve our services to you.

It’s okay you won’t get into trouble.

  • “Things can change for the better”
  • “Everyone doesn’t have to hear about it”
  • “Things can be sorted out confidentially”

How can you raise your concerns?

You can start by:

  • telling your social worker you want to complain or ring the Complaints Team on 020 8708 5174; or
  • contacting the Children’s Rights Officer: Karen Chen | 020 8708 4068 | karen.chen@redbridge.gov.uk
  • by completing the form on the downloadable leaflet

Or you can also contact the Independent Advocacy Service Helpline on 0808 800 5792 (freefone) | help@voiceyp.org

We will only talk to people who are there to help you about this.

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Complaints Team
020 8708 5174 020 8708 5174


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