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Talking to your baby is important for lots of good reasons including of course the fact that this is how your baby will learn to talk! But that's not all - it is also a way of being close to your baby and helping your baby to feel happy and secure. Babies love the sound of voices and of singing and you don't have to make a special time to talk - you can talk as you go about your daily routine and turn feeding, changing and bathing times into talking times!

There is a Talk To Your Baby campaign, which is run by the National Literacy Trust to encourage parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to three.

The Trust say that:

  • Talking and listening to young children helps them develop good language and communication skills, which enables them to express themselves, listen, learn, read, write and socialise better. It also helps children feel valued, builds their confidence and helps parents and children to bond.

They have lots of good ideas and a range of free resources, information sheets and activity packs available to download.

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