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Consents required from parents

Before starting to care for a new child you should always seek written consent from parents and carers as required. The following are some things you may need in place and remember that all consents must be signed and dated by the parent or guardian:

  • Emergency medical consent - to ensure that in an emergency a medical professional will be able to treat the child without the presence of a parent or carer
  • Consent to travel in a vehicle - if you are taking children to and from school and will need to drive children you will need consent
  • Consent to leave child with another childcarer in an emergency - if you have an arrangement with another childminder that will take care of a child in an emergency you will parents permission to leave their child with them
  • Consent for outings - if you plan to take children out of the home you will need the parents consent
  • Emergency contact information - information of a relative or friend of the parent/carer that has permission to collect the child if the parent or carer is unable to. You should also ask the person for a photograph, password or proof of ID
  • Consent to take photographs - if you plan to take photos of the minded child it would be advisable to get the parents permission.

And remember, if you are going to store some of the above information or photos on a PC or laptop you may need to register as a data controller with the ICO.

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