Specialist Education and Training Support Service (S.E.a.T.S.S.)


S.E.a.T.S.S is a specialist SEND advisory service supporting children and young people aged from 0-25 years and linking closely with health and other professionals.

As a service we offer a wide range of SEND support, advice and training opportunities for schools and settings to enable them to deliver high quality inclusive education. We also provide advice and support for individual children with SEND to ensure that the people who work with them and their families are equipped to understand and meet their individual needs. 

S.E.a.T.S.S is made up of 4 teams:

  • Team 1 - Autism/Social Communication
  • Team 2 – Cognition and Learning
  • Team 3 – Physical and Complex Medical Needs, Sensory Needs (including MSI, Vision and Hearing)
  • Team 4 – Training and Special Projects

In addition, S.E.a.T.S.S has Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) specialist teachers in each of our teams, who work closely together delivering coordinated support through personalised approaches and interventions, modelling strategies, supporting planning, training etc.  This support will be tailored for schools and the pupils they support; we are available to support pupils with existing EHCP’s and those on SEND support.
When and how do you refer a pupil?

  1. Raise your concerns with the professional(s) working with the young person (Early Years, Education, Health, EPS or Other), plan and implement strategies these services recommend. If these are unsuccessful you can then consider the referral option.
  2. Referral to S.E.a.T.S.S is through an online referral form.
  3. The referrer and appropriate settings, schools or professionals will be contacted following the referral to agree support packages and to create individual support plans.

Support may be offered through:

  • Observations, Advice and Assessments
  • Programmes designed to support pupil’s needs
  • Staff training – small groups, whole school, parents, multi-disciplinary Inset
  • Collaborative working with other professionals
  • Referral for ICT or other assessments
  • Recommendation and loan of resources specific to need
  • Care and maintenance of IT and audiological equipment
  • Advice and support for families
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Advice for EHCP’s, annual reviews of Individual Education Plans
  • Advice related to accessing the curriculum and planning support, and related to learning environments
  • Personalised and multisensory teaching approaches
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Training staff within settings through modelling strategies and interventions
  • Delivering projects in specific areas to identified pupils
  • Workshops and forums

S.E.a.T.S.S Social Media & Training Information

We are SO excited to share our BRAND NEW social media accounts with you! Did you know that our first TikTok video got over 2000 views in 24 hours? Our engagement has also increased over on Instagram - with over 100 followers in under a week!

We have been sharing strategies for parents and professionals through reels and posts. Please give us a follow and help us spread the word about our upcoming training for schools and families.

Please see below the links for the upcoming training dates and how to book them or go to the downloads section on this page to see the S.E.a.T.S.S Events Flyer for further information.

  • Support with Maths and understanding Dyscalculia : Click here 
  • Come and Learn about Dyspraxia and learn strategies to improve handwriting: Click here
  • Support with Literacy and Understanding Dyslexia: Click here 
  • Learn new strategies to support your child with Studying and Revising  Click here 

Who to contact


Where to go

Childrens Resource Centre
91 Ray Lodge Road
Woodford Bridge
Woodford Green
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Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm


Age Ranges
Under 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
Referral required
Referral Details

Families can also self-refer to SEATSS using the online SEATSS Referral Form.

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Local Offer


Age range
Early Years (0-4 years)
Primary (4-10 years)
Secondary (11-16 years)
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
Shortbreak type

Multi Agency Resource Centre Online (MARCO)

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