Maternity Pay (SMP), Maternity Allowance (MA) and Paternity Pay (PP) |

What is Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay and the Maternity Allowance?

Statutory Maternity Pay is for women and can help you to take time off work both before and after your baby is born. This is a weekly payment from your employer.

Maternity Allowance is for those who don't qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay and can help women take time off work both before and after their baby is born. This is claimed through JobCentre Plus.

Statutory Paternity Pay is for those whose wife, partner or civil partner gives birth or adopts a child. It is money paid to you by your employer to help you take time off work.

Am I eligible and how do I apply?

For more information on eligibility criteria and how to claim please speak to your employer or use the links provided for further details

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