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Our vision at Smilers Nursery is to provide a secure environment that builds upon each individual’s wants, needs and interests. in which all children can flourish, and all contributions are respected.  Children build strong relationships and bonds with Keypersons ensuring they feel valued, allowing them to explore and learn. They develop good communication skills through positive interaction with adults and peers which aids them in becoming cultured for life. Children develop lively, enquiring minds with a passion of learning and a lifetime of curiosity.  They have many opportunities to ask questions and be interested in the answers, to solve problems and think critically. At every opportunity, children connect their learning with real life experiences, linking new knowledge and skills to their own lives to establish a solid foundation for future learning. Every child is unique therefore an inclusion thread runs through all of the activities of the nursery.  We encourage parents/carers to work in partnership with us.  Keep ourselves updated in our knowledge and understanding of issues of equality and diversity

Our aim is

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment that enables positive relationships between the child and key person.
  • To deliver an inclusive curriculum that considers each child as an individual and resources and provides a setting that ensures every child reaches their full learning potential.
  • To become part of an extended family, creating partnerships and valuing the contributions of parents and the wider community.
  • To support children in their transition in their first school years and ensure learning is a positive experience.
  • To establish a purposeful and organised learning environment where displays are interactive to stimulate and promote learning.
  • To encourage children to learn through their own experiences and develop learning through interests and activities that show increased levels of fascination.
  • To allow children to learn through their mistakes and to help them to become more resilient and confident learners.
  • To develop and establish the building blocks of learning to create a strong foundation for the development of independent lifelong learning.
  • To support and scaffold children through their personal learning journeys and develop their understanding of what they have done well and how they can continue
  • To create children that have a 'can do' attitude, who seek out a challenge and take appropriate risks in their learning experience.
  • To be passionate and caring practitioners for young children at Smilers Nursery.

Description of setting  

Our nursery is on Perth Road – we are a 10 minutes’ walk from Gants Hill underground station.  We open from 8am to 6pm and off er full day care and sessional care.  We open all year round (51 weeks) and also have children who attend term time only.  We offer funded hours places for 2,3 and 4 year olds and also 30 hours funded for eligible families in our Pre-school room.

Our nursery has 5 spacious classrooms.  Ages of the children are 3months to 5 years.  We have 2 gardens where children have access to a large outdoor space with large equipment and also nature, giving the children a learning rich environment.

We have an accessible toilet for wheelchair users or for children who may need rails and handles for support.  All our doors are wide access door giving wheelchair use easy access when transitioning from room to room.


Identifying children's needs

We believe in early identification and appropriate intervention to support children’s learning and development.  Children who are having trouble in accessing the full curriculum are identified through discussions with parents/carers, Keypersons and observations. 

If we believe outside agencies may need to be involved in the child’s development, parental written consent will be sought.  Professionals that may be contacted include our local SEN Advisor – SLT – Educational Phycologist. 

Dedicated contacts

SINDY JANDOO is the settings SENCo and is the overall ‘responsible person’ for SEN in the setting. She is responsible for ensuring that legislation is met. The Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) has the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the SEN procedure.

Sindy has completed training to support this – including SEND modular training - ELKLAN, which supports children with Speech and Communication.  Staff also attend training to support the children and are responsible for carrying out observations and assessments and recording progress.  They will also liaise with parent/carers and professionals to support the children.

The SENCO has the responsibility to:

  • Liaise with parents/carers
  • Liaise with outside professionals regarding children’s individual needs
  • Advise and support other practitioners in the settings
  • Ensure that appropriate learning and outcome plans are in place
  • Ensure that background information is collected, recorded, and updated
  • Take the lead in monitoring and reviewing any action taken to support the child
  • Ensure that appropriate records are kept for all children with SEND who requires outside agencies and support
Involving children and their families
  • Planning and review meetings
  • Advice on how to support learning at home
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting

Range of support available
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting
  • Support for behaviour
  • Support for health needs
  • Partnership working with other professionals
  • Additional support strategies
  • Support for communication needs

Measuring children's progress

Children’s progress is monitored using the DEVELOPMENT MATTERS document.  We also use the STEPS TO OUTCOMES document and the SPEECH AND COMMUNICATION TRACKER.  Progress is tracked termly, and areas of concern are highlighted.  Children with an SEN may also have an Individual plan which is created from observations.  Parents are involved when completing an Individual plan and outcomes agreed.  Individual plans are reviewed termly.

Support and training for school staff
  • Staff attend training to support children’s needs.  Relevant Training attended to date
  • Visual Aids
  • Supporting behaviour
  • Tracking and Analysing progress
Accessibility of the school

Our nursery has 5 spacious classrooms., which are bright and well resourced. 

We have 2 gardens where children have access to large play equipment and nature.

We also have an accessible toilet for wheelchair users or for children who may need rails and handles for support.  All our doors are wide access door to make it easy for wheelchair users.

Resources are stored at a low-level giving child access to them.  Resources boxes are either transparent or are labelled using a clear picture of the resource.  Risk assessments are carried out throughout the day to ensure safety for all. 


Risk assessments are completed throughout the day.  All activities in the classroom are age appropriate.  Adult led activities are planned according to the children stage of learning and development.  We may offer 1:1 if required following observations. Parents are kept informed of progress and activities planned and share ideas where parent/carers can continue at home.

Transition arrangements

Transitions are a key time for any child. The key person ensures that these transitions are well planned and supported.

 When a child first starts at the nursery the key person will work with the parent to devise appropriate times for the child to settle into the nursery at their own pace.

When a child transitions to another room throughout their time at Smilers, the key person works with the new key person to relay and hand over relevant information for that child.

The child will have a range of settling in sessions into the next age range to secure successful transitions. The new key person will ensure that the child’s interests and needs are catered for and that the child is well adjusted to their new room and peers.

When a child is ready to transition to School the new teachers will be invited into NURSERY to meet the key person and all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the School to ensure a smooth transition takes place for all children.

Support and training for parents and carers

Parent workshops

Coffee mornings with parents


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