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NHS Smokefree Helpline

NHS Smoking Helpline advisers are available to help you. Just pick up the phone and you can talk to someone who can give you expert advice and encouragement. There are also many great tools on the website that can help get you started.

The NHS Stop Smoking Services let you work with a trained adviser. Either in a group or one-to-one meeting. You can also monitor your progress with the 'smokefree breathalyser'.

Together Programme - If you are not sure about going to meetings, then the free Together Programme would be ideal for you. With Together, you get helpful advice and support through text, email, phone or the post, at each stage of your journey towards becoming smokefree.

Patches, gum and more - Nicotine replacement products can help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms. There are lots of different products to choose from. Are you a patches or gum person?

Who to contact

0800 022 4332

When is it on?

Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday and Sunday - 11.00am to 4.00pm
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