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Free car seat safety check at your home

Can you honestly answer "Yes" to each of the following questions?

  • Is your child safe when travelling by car?
  • Are you sure you are using the correct car seat for the age and weight of your child?
  • Are you certain that your child seat is fitted correctly?
  • Does it comply with current safety standards?
  • Are you expecting a baby and aren't sure which seat to buy?
  • Are you pregnant and not sure how to wear your seatbelt correctly in the car?
  • If your child's car seat has a harness, have you adjusted the harness as your child has grown to make sure your child is secure in the seat?

If you cannot answer "Yes" to every question, you could be putting your child at risk of injury, or even death, in the event of an accident.

For peace of mind and the safety of your child, why not let the Road Safety Team check your child's car seat?

If you are a Redbridge resident, the Road Safety Team can offer you a home visit, completely free of charge, to check your child's car seat.

To make an appointment for a free home car seat safety check, or for advice and information on all aspects of in-car safety, please contact the Road Safety Team.

Who to contact

020 8708 3577
Road and Traffic Safety
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