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Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is available in Redbridge

So, you're out and about with your baby, and you need to stop and breastfeed. Of course, you should be welcome to feed in public anywhere (in fact your right to do so is protected by law), but wouldn't it be nice if there was a way of knowing that a cafe, restaurant or other venue really welcomed breastfeeding mothers?

The good news is that this is exactly what the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme is all about. When a venue signs up to be breastfeeding welcome and displays the pink and white sticker it's a clear message to you as a breastfeeding mum: "You are welcome to breastfeed your baby here."

That means that you can relax and get on with feeding your baby without worrying about what other people think. And that's an important confidence booster too.

Local health and council services have been working to introduce the scheme in Redbridge. Details of all breastfeeding-welcome venues are now available to search. 

If you run a local business and you wish to get involved please click here to find out how to sign up.

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