Families Together Hub

Families Together Hub consists of a range of early help professionals and teams coming together to support families that are going through difficulties to try and empower them to bring about change. Professionals range from a core team of Family Support Workers, CAF Co-ordinators, Social Workers and specialist workers.

Early Help - Professional Relationships

  • A holistic approach that addresses the children's needs in the wider family context
  • A relationship with a trusted lead professional who coordinates the support needed from other agencies
  • A multi-disciplinary approach bringing a range of professional skills and expertise in a Team Around the Family (TAF)
  • Practice empowers families and helps them to develop the capacity to resolve their own problems
  • Simple, streamlined referral and assessment processes
  • Prevent needs escalating

Going beyond the need of children

Think Work’ Internal support through DWP Employment Advisors and Local Authority Work Redbridge team. This includes a range of interventions to overcome barriers, enabling the adults in the family e.g. parents/carers to access Employment Support to identify new skills, build confidence and access sustainable employment opportunities.

Problematic debt

Family Support Workers identify what risks debt has on the children
and support with intervention and referrals, ensuring the family receive the right support
at the right time, building resilience and sustainable improvement co located Work
Redbridge worker.

Parental Conflict

The Families Together Hub has a ‘Think Couple’ approach within its
offer, which is focused on improving the quality of inter parental relationships (IPR).
Commissioning evidence based interventions to parental conflict. Family Support Work Staff are trained to deliver Healthy Parental Relationship Intervention to support communication between couples in conflict for improved outcomes for their children through the use of face to face intervention and digital animation.

Support to families at risk of homelessness

Partnership work with housing, specialist Family Support Worker and DWP partners aim to maximise family's income, to improve eligibility and/or housing options. 

Junior Family Intervention Team (JFIT)    

The Junior Family Intervention Team (JFIT) work with children identified as being at risk of exploitation or gang affiliation.  It’s a dedicated initiative with the primary goal of empowering young people through a holistic approach that integrates education, positive activities and relationship building.  JFIT offer whole family support through a range of mechanisms:  1:1 support, partnership working, workshops and positive activities.

Who to contact

020 8708 2208 020 8708 2208

Where to go

Albert Road Children's Centre, 53
Albert Road
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Age Ranges
Under 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

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