Virtual School for Children Looked After (CLA)

A Virtual School means a school without buildings. Our school is a small team of people whose job is to help pupils that are looked after and that are living away from their families, in all their different schools. We support young people to make sure that the young people get the very best from their education. It is a legal responsibility for Redbridge council to get the best results for their children in care.

We work with schools, Social Workers, Foster Carers, and young people in care to make sure they get the most out of their education. We help make sure that the council and its services, who act like a combined (or a corporate) parent to the child who is looked after, does what a good parent should do when it comes to their children’s education. We help schools and teachers work in the best way possible with looked after children. We provide training, network meetings, advice, support and guidance. We run night-classes and provide tutors.

We track and monitor each child who is looked after every day; checking their attendance, their behaviour and their progress and making sure they all have up to date and high quality Personal Education Plans. We sort out problems and reward pupil success. We work mainly with pupils and young people with, and in, their schools and PRUs.

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