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At Little Learners we strive to provide a high quality of care, education and stimulating activities for our children. We are committed to supporting and meeting needs of all children and families within our setting throughout their journey with us to the best of our ability.

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020 8478 6999 020 8478 6999
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Axon Place
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Monday to Friday - 7.30am to 6.30pm Available during summer holidays

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Irena Daskevic
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Early Years (0-4 years)
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At Little Learners we provide an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs (SEN), are supported to reach their full potential. We:

  • Ensure our provision is inclusive to all children with special educational needs.
  • Support parents and children with special educational needs.
  • Identify the specific needs of children with special educational needs and meet those needs through a range of SEN strategies.
  • Work in partnership with parents and other agencies in meeting individual children's needs.
  • Monitor and review our policy, practice and provision and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Have due regard for the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2001).

When children with SEND join the nursery we arrange settling-in visits so children and parents can get used to us.

Parents are asked to complete an information form and an “all about me” form so we can learn about the child before they start. Parents are welcome to stay during settling-in visits but are encouraged to leave for a short time. Little Learners practitioner’s provide detailed feedback on the settling-in visit so parents can be reassured that we are making their child feel welcomed, included in nursery life and that we understand their needs.

We support children with SEND by allocating a key person to every child who joins the nursery.  We have a named Special Education Needs  Co-ordinator (SENco) in the nursery and have access to the specialist knowledge of the Area SENco.

We will refer children to specialists where appropriate and will devise and implement Individual Education Plans.  Parents are fully involved at all stages.  Information is shared with parents after professionals have been in to visit the child, at regular review sessions and at parents evening. Staff are available at any time to answer parents’ queries. The effectiveness of our systems is measured by the progress made by children and whether parents feel supported.

Little Learners Ilford is a single storey, purpose built 66 place nursery.  Provision is provided in four good-sized, age appropriate rooms. We have an easily accessible outdoor area and a range of sensory equipment including resources to support SEND.

Identifying children's needs

Our trained practitioners are experienced in the use of developmental milestones.  They use Early Years Outcomes to assess whether children are working within accepted norms.  They carry out observations to gather appropriate information and use this information to make an informed assessment of a child’s needs.

Where practitioners identify a child needs extra support they will discuss this with the parents and may suggest they visit their GP or Health Visitor. We will seek parental permission to talk to the Area SENco who can advise us of the next course of action. We will give parents feedback on advice provided. If an Individual Education Plan is required then parents will be asked for input and we will write this together.  Parents encouraged to contribute to plans by suggesting targets they wish their child to progress towards.

Dedicated contacts

Little Learners has an open door policy and parents are invited to discuss any concerns they have about the progress and development of their child. 

Little Learners designated SENCo is Madeha Malik.

Parents who have questions or concerns about their child’s development should contact their child’s keyworker, the SENco or the Manager.

Involving children and their families
  • Parenting advice
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting
  • Planning and review meetings
  • Advice on how to support learning at home
Range of support available
  • Partnership working with other professionals
  • Support for communication needs
  • Additional support strategies
  • EYFS Curriculum planning differentiation
  • Support for health needs
  • Support for behaviour 
  • Our staffs attend  training to support behaviour and communication needs.
Measuring children's progress

The progress of children with SEN is assessed against the Early Years Outcomes, if appropriate, and observations are made against their individual targets. Little Learners encourages parents to share information from other professionals and we will implement their suggestions wherever possible. 

All parents are given access to Tapestry, an on-line learning journal that practitioners use on a daily basis to record progress and development against Early Years Outcomes.  Key workers provide daily verbal feedback to parents.

Targets are reviewed with parents on a regular basis, usually at least once a term. 

Support and training for school staff

Our designated SENco has completed SEN Modular Beginner and Advanced training with the London Borough of Redbridge, advanced Safeguarding training and training in Understanding the Meaning of Behaviour.  Our SENco has experience of supporting children with additional needs. All staff have completed Paediatric First Aid training and most hold a level 2 Safeguarding qualification.

Accessibility of the school

Little Learners Nursery is fully accessible to children who are wheelchair users. We have toilet facilities suitable for children with mobility difficulties. When communicating with parents whose first language is not English we will have documents translated into their home language and try to find a person who can translate for parents. We have links with our local Children’s Centre and use them for advice and specialist resources.


As practitioners get to know each child and their preferred learning styles we differentiate activities to support all children’s learning. We will offer children with SEND activities we know they are interested in, and will participate in, to enable them to fully engage. We differentiate within our planning to ensure all chidlren’s needs are met and use visual timetables and now and next boards, a  visual aid for children that find it hard coping with routine. Nursery outings are accessible to all children. Risk assessments are completed to ensure all children can participate in activities safely.

Transition arrangements

When a child transfers to school we will work with the child, parents and school in making the transition from nursery to school.  We will invite the new school teacher to visit as much as possible and when invited the keyworker will visit the school with the child. We share information and welcome professionals to visit children at Little Learners, making transition smoother. We use books to tell stories about children starting school and we settle children gradually into new rooms within the setting so they can get used to change.

Support and training for parents and carers
  • Parent consultation
  • Links with children centres
  • Parent workshops
  • Parent evenings are held twice a year.


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