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Munchkinz Pre-School is a new exciting nursery, offering quality care and educational experiences for children aged 2 to 5 years.  We value each child and believe that all children should have a happy childhood.  We are firm believers of development through play and this is reflected in our planning and everyday activities to ensure children are stimulated and challenged to reach their full potential.

Located within safe/secure premises, we are able to offer great learning opportunities in bright, spacious play areas with access to an enclosed  outdoor garden.

Children are welcomed by staff who are warm and friendly.  All staff are fully vetted/trained/qualified to ensure the care offered is of a high standard, which gives parents peace of mind that their loved ones are happy and well looked after.  Our aim is to work with parents to ensure that care is consistent and involve parents  to be a part in their child’s learning journey.

Please note that childcare vouchers are accepted.

For further information or to book a visit please call the Nursery Manager.

Families with children with SEND can find the Local Offer from this setting below.

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Contact Name
Jas Mistry
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Nursery Manager
07712 442987 (Jas) or 07378 318241 (nursery) 07712 442987 (Jas) or 07378 318241 (nursery)
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Where to go

St. Andrews Church Hall
St. Andrews Road
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Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 3.00pm
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Has 3 & 4 year old funding
Has 2 year old funding

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Free Early Learning - 3 & 4 years
Free Early Learning - Extended entitlement
Caters for all dietary needs
Free Early Learning - 2 years
Caters for all cultural needs
Fully wheelchair accessible

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Local Offer

During working hours
Monday – Friday between 9.30 am – 12.00 pm
Call - 07378 318241

Nursery Manager – Jas Mistry
Call - 0771 2442987

Munchkinz Pre-School Nursery
St Andrews Church Hall
The Drive


Age range
Early Years (0-4 years)
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Shortbreak type

Education Offer


At Munchkinz we have a strong view on inclusive practice and we strive to ensure that all children regardless of their abilities are valued and given the same opportunities as their peers. We have a dedicated team who have a passion to not only help children enjoy their time with us but to reach their full potential and achieve their individual goals whilst in our care.  All staff complete a course specifically designed to help support children with SEND as standard practice.  This not only ensures their knowledge and working practices are kept up-to-date but allows staff to fully support each child as their individual needs require.

We are pleased to be located in premises that offer bright spacious play areas and also have a private enclosed outdoor garden.   The premises are safe, secure and fitted with CCTV cameras in all outdoor areas.  Daily health and safety checks are carried out to ensure children can learn and grow without any risk to their safety and have a wide range of toys and play materials for both indoor and outdoor play to suit all ages.  

We have a large main hall used for activities to learn about daily life, the world, social play, messy play, creative arts & crafts and physical development. Whilst our other hall is used for a more structured learning programme in literacy, maths, mental development and reading. The garden area provides good opportunities for children to develop their motor skills and learn about the world we live in.

Identifying children's needs

How will the setting know if a child needs additional help and how do they keep parents informed, e.g. regarding development and progress?

Each child on joining is allocated a Key Person, who not only helps to settle the child but also forms a bond to encourage the child to explore and learn around the setting.  The Key Person is also the primary contact for parents, keeps them updated and shares information on a regular basis. We believe that parents input and feedback is vital to be able to deliver a specially tailored experience for the child and encourage parents to be more involved.

The Key Person carries out regular observations in different areas of development, after a given time these are assessed and planning put into place for the child’s next steps in their learning journey.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to be able to diagnose any concerns at an early stage with the child’s development.  If any concerns are highlighted a meeting will be organised between the Senior Senco, Key Worker and parents to discuss further help available to ensure that the child is fully supported and able to reach individual goals.  These could include help from Speech Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Physiotherapists.  We also have termly visits from Redbridge SEND Co-Ordinator, who offers support, help and advice.

Parents are always consulted and included as part of the decision making process, as we believe that the support the child receives at home is just as important as the support given at our setting.

If further assistance is needed for the child, Individual Outcome Plans (IOP’s) are agreed with all parties connected to the child and used daily to support the child.  Regular meetings are then carried out with parents/specialists to ensure that the plans in place are working to support individual children and that we are making a positive difference to their learning and development.

Dedicated contacts

Jas Mistry – Munchkinz Nursery Manager & Senior SenCo

Involving children and their families
  • Planning and review meetings
  • Advice on how to support learning at home
  • Parenting Advice
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting

Range of support available
  • EYFS Curriculum  planning differentiation
  • Specific teaching interventions
  • Support for behaviour
  • Support for health needs
  • Partnership working with other professionals
  • Additional support strategies
  • Support for communication needs

Measuring children's progress

Regular observations are carried out each week covering different activities as outlined in the child’s individual IOP’s to help them reach their goals.  We also use a more specific Steps To Outcomes form to monitor ongoing progress.  These processes allow us to carefully monitor the child’s progress and adapt our methods if required.  We also take regular pictures/videos to share with parents.  A termly meeting is arranged with parents/other professionals to share progress made by the child and if needed any further support required.


Support and training for school staff

To ensure we provide a consistent teaching approach/methods within our setting to children with learning difficulties/disabilities, all staff are required to complete a course on Supporting Children with SEND within the Early Years.  Staff interact with all children not just their key children to encourage confidence and trust and this allows for children with SEND to fully participate in all nursery activities.

The Senior SenCo and Nursery SenCo regularly attend courses/meetings to ensure good working practices are followed and knowledge kept up-to-date. This information is then shared in termly staff meetings with colleagues to continue good working practices within the setting.

Staff are able to discuss any concerns at any time with either the Senior SenCo or Nursery SenCo who then offer help/advice on any issues raised.

Accessibility of the school

The 2 main entry doors are wide granting easy access into the premises and as we are based on the ground floor, this allows wheelchair users full access to all areas of the setting, including the garden.  We have a separate Disabled Toilet and large nappy changing area, this allows for full privacy whilst the personal needs of the child are being attended to.

Both halls used are spacious, allowing easy mobility around the setting and daily activities.  We also ensure activities can be accessed by all children and if required can make adjustments to ensure inclusive practice


As all staff are trained in the needs of children with SEND thereby they can readily adapt their practices to ensure inclusion of all children in daily activities and routines.  We conduct risk assessments as appropriate at the start of placement to ensure any adjustments needed to promote inclusive practice are carried out.  Daily activities are planned to encourage/support children to explore their environment and play alongside their peers, ie offering low level activities.  Parent’s views are taken into account and used for any additional support that may be required to ensure the child’s needs are met.  Where necessary alongside their Key Person, we may offer a

1-2-1 Support Worker to further support the child with daily routines. These practices have shown positive outcomes and we review practices on a regular basis.

Transition arrangements

To assist children with SEND in transitions to the next level in their learning, ie new school/setting a meeting between parents/Senior SenCo and Key Person is arranged to agree support plans for both the home and setting environments to ensure a consistent and smooth transition process can be achieved.  Visits are encouraged by school teachers to the setting and also for the child to visit their new classroom/school, this allows a bond to form early on to further ease the transition between settings.  Sharing of information helps inform new teachers of strategies that work in enabling child to reach their potential and enjoy school life.  The child’s Key Person will also carry out special activities to help prepare the child to understand what is going to happen in their new school.  The Nursery SenCo, Key Person, school teachers and parent continue to work together until transition is complete and any support needed thereafter.

Support and training for parents and carers
  • Parent Consultation
  • SENCo
  • Links with Children’s Centres


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