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Havering College (Local SEND Offer)

As part of the Children and Families Act 2014, all colleges in Redbridge are required to make available their Local SEND Offer to families which details how they can support young people with a special educational need and/or disability (SEND).

Scroll down or click on the headings below to see details of this college's local SEND offer:

An overview of the college

Havering College of Further and Higher Education provides support for over 800 Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LLDD), aged 16 and over.  Our 3 main campus sites are Ardleigh Green, Quarles (Harold Hill) and Rainham.

Our specialist provision, Foundation Skills, was awarded a grade 1 in our most recent OFSTED inspection. This standard has been continually developed and sustained to ensure a high level of supported curriculum is provided to our LLDD. Foundation Skills provides for approximately 180 LLDD each year and is lead and run by a team of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated staff.   This area offers a variety of courses ranging from entry level 1 through to level 1. All classes have a maximum of 12 learners and a minimum of 1 member of teaching staff with 2 Learning Support Assistants.  Courses concentrate on developing life skills and independence to enable learners to consolidate skills and progress.  Learners are encouraged to become involved in enterprise activities designed to develop employability skills within a safe and supported environment.  The provision also includes the ROSE (Realistic Opportunities for Supported Employment) and Supported Internship courses designed specifically to provide young people with employability skills and assist them in finding sustained employment.  An additional provision - The Bungalow - was set up in 2013 and includes a sensory room, fully-equipped indoor and outdoor breakout areas, learning zone with interactive optical touch technology, kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. The Bungalow provision was designed as a transition facility to meet the needs of learners who would find accessing the main college site difficult due to emotional and/or social difficulties, particularly those on the autistic spectrum. This provision is fully based at our Quarles Campus in Harold Hill. 

In addition to the specialist area the college provides support to over 600 LLDD on all further education courses at the college. The cross college Learning Support area has a highly skilled, qualified and dedicated team of staff who work with learners on an individual and group basis, as required, both inside and outside of the classroom.  Each learner’s support requirements are tailored to their individual needs and personalised to assist them in achieving their learning goals in order for them to get the most out of their college experience.  All learners are encouraged to develop their life skills and independence to enable them to progress successfully into adulthood.

All of our courses can be provided with the essential level of support and reasonable adjustments will be put in place, where necessary, to meet individual learner needs. The level of support will be assessed to meet specific learner requirements in line with the appropriate level of course. Please see our website for a full list of courses. 

For all LLDD across all main campuses there are breakfast (including food) and lunch time provisions.  These are especially designed for those who have social, emotional and communication difficulties.  They provide students with a safe environment to enjoy college life, meet new friends and gain confidence for transition onto further courses within the college, employment or supported living.  Learners can choose to spend their breaks here or use other facilities at the college.

Our Student Services department have in-house counselling services and can provide additional emotional support to young people as required.  They can also assist you with any financial concerns you might have.

You are more than welcome to come and visit us at any of our campuses for a tour or to discuss any queries and concerns you have about the level of support required. 

The college has fully accessible facilities on all of our main campuses.

Support is also available for our learners who progress on to degree level courses.

Identifying additional needs

How will the college know if a young person needs additional help and how do they keep parents/carers informed?

A confidential support meeting can be requested at application, enrolment, or any time during a learner’s course with us.

Prior to courses starting boroughs will send us a copy of any Learning Difficulty Assessment / Education Health and Care Plan (with consent from you).  We will also gain as much information from the young person’s previous educational establishment to ensure we are making fully informed decisions with regard to  their support needs whilst at college.

At the confidential support meeting we will discuss how your support needs will be met whilst you are studying with us.  At this stage if there are reasonable adjustments that need to be carried out in order for you to study at the college we will start the necessary arrangements to implement them where possible.

If necessary further assessments will be carried out to ensure the support we are providing meets your requirements.  These assessments will be based on need and assist us to provide the best support for you, for example, psychometric tests for additional support in exams or diagnostic assessments.  (These are all completed in house).

Dedicated contacts at the college

Who should parents/carers contact if they have any questions or concerns about SEND?

Emma Thompson
Head of Learning Support 
0170 845 5011 x2094

Sharon Mills
Head of Foundation Skills 
0170 845 5011 x4096

Learning Support Staff
Learning Support
01708455011 x2128

Involving pupils and parents/carers in planning support

How does the college involve students and parents/carers in planning to meet SEND?

  • Planning and review meetings
  • Advice on how to support learning at home 
  • Regular contact between home and school, e.g. home/ school book, email or text
  • Individual pupil/ teacher conversations
  • Mentor, e.g. adult or peer mentoring
  • Parent Support Advisor
  • Any support, advice, guidance can be provided as necessary.

Range of support available pupils with SEND

What different kinds of support are available to young people with SEND?

  • Curriculum adaptations/differentiation
  • Specific teaching interventions
  • Support for behaviour
  • Specified individual support
  • Support for health needs
  • Grouping of pupils
  • Specific individual support
  • Specialist teaching groups
  • Support for communication needs/ assertive technologies
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Any reasonable adjustments required can be made as necessary

Measuring progress

How will the college know how well students with SEND are doing and how will they inform parents/carers about this?

All subject tutors monitor each learner’s progress and will have termly meetings with the young person and / or parent / carer to discuss and inform on course strengths and any areas for improvement.  This will also involve Learning Support either separately or at the same meeting as necessary.  We can keep you informed of progress via email or you can request a meeting at any time throughout the course.

Learners’ as well as their parents / carers also have access to the College’s Promonitor online system which provides individual learner information with regards to progress, reviews, support and achievements. 

Support and training for staff

Have any staff received specialist training in SEND?

  • Head of School Learning Support – (Highest Qual) - Postgraduate Specific Learning Difficulties with Practising Certificate
  • Head of School Foundation Skills – (Highest Qual) - Postgraduate Autism
  • 3 Learning Support Tutors have postgradute qualifications in Specific Learning Difficulties and assessing for exam support.
  • All Foundation Skills teaching staff have L3 Speech and Language Therapy qualifications
  • All Learning Support Assistants have either L3 Learning Support or L3 Health & Social Care qualifications
  • Over the past 12 months:
  • July 14 – 20 Learning Support Staff and 20 Foundation Skills Teaching Staff – L3 Autism
  • Mar 14 – 10 Learning Support Staff – Assistive Technology
  • Feb 14 – 10 Learning Support Staff – Visual Stress
  • Sep 13 - 20 Learning Support Staff and 20 Foundation Skills Teaching Staff – People Moving
  • Sep 13 – 20 Learning Support Staff – Medical Training to include Buccal Midazolam and Epipen.
  • April 13 – 2 Foundation Skills Staff – Verbal Behaviour
  • All Learning Support staff have completed their First Aid training and all certificates are up-to-date.
  • All staff are encouraged to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date and complete training where necessary.
  • All college staff can access the Learning Support Department for training or information, advice and guidance regarding Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.  In 13/14 over 50 members from course teams attended training.

Accessibility of the college

How is the college accessible to young people with SEND?

Fully accessible

The college has accessible facilities at all campuses.

In 2013 a new fully accessible personal care suite was installed at our Quarles campus equipped with a ceiling mounted hoist, shower, handwashing facilities, Clo-O-Mat toilet and high-low bed.

The Ardleigh Green campus has a personal care suite with a ceiling mounted hoist.

All Learning Support Staff and Foundation Skills Teaching Staff are trained to provide personal care and medication where necessary.

Full risk assessments and where necessary Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) are completed for individuals and groups. 


How does the college ensure that young people with SEND are included in all activities, social events, sport and recreation, field work and vocational experience?

The college is a fully inclusive environment. Students with LLDD (SEND) are encouraged to participate in all college activities. For example, they may become Student Representatives with our Student Services Department and become mentors to other learners.

The college holds many sports events and activities that all learners are encouraged to take part in.

Educational trips are accompanied by a high ratio of course staff and support staff as necessary. 

Full risk assessments are completed for any educational trips.

Education 4 Independance Courses


How will the college support pupils with SEND to make a good start and eventually to move on to further training or employment and independent adult living?

Careful preparation is given to transition for all LLDD.  Taster sessions and visits, tours are available to aid transition from school. 

We will liaise with the previous education establishment and parents /  carers to ensure a smooth transition.

Learning Support welcome prospective learners to join us at our Quarles and Ardleigh Green campuses over the summer break to enable learners to meet other learners and to get used to the college environment before the term begins.  This will run 12-2 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Throughout college life and especially in the final year learners and parents / carers will be fully prepared and supported for the move into training, employment or independent adult living. 

Support and training for parents/carers

What support and training within the college is available to parents and carers?

  • Parent support groups
  • Coffee mornings
  • Parent Support Advisor (PSA)
  • Consultations with parents

Further information for families and practitioners

Please refer to the college website for further information.

Who to contact

01708 455011
Havering College Website

Where to go

Havering College of Further & Higher Education
Ardleigh Green RoadHornchurchRM11 2LL
RM11 2LL

Our other campus addresses are:

Quarles Campus
Havering College of Further & Higher Education
Tring Gardens
Harold Hill

Tel. 01708 455011  Fax. 01708 462888

Rainham Campus Construction Centre
New Road
RM13 8GP

Tel. 01708 462721

The Lanes Hair & Beauty Salons
Sawyers Hall Lane
CM15 9DA

Tel. 01277 212262

Other Details

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and over
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