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Bus Days A safe introduction to independent travel in London

What are Bus Days?

Bus Days provide disabled Londoners with the opportunity to experience independent travel on a London bus in a safe and controlled environment. An out of service Bus will follow a pre-planned route during which participants have the opportunity to engage and obtain valuable information on safe travel. Participants can board and alight the bus along the route accompanied by Transport for London (TfL) Travel Mentors and members of the Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Teams.

The sessions are aimed at Children and Young People, year 6 upwards, with SEN Support or an EHCP.

What happens on the bus?

There is an introduction from speakers and a shortpresentation is given on what the day will entail. Speakerswill provide participants with information on a number of different safety aspects and advice on best practice. Participants will get on and off the bus at different bus stops along the route and practice stopping, leaving the bus, swiping and engagement with the bus driver. Participants are at all times accompanied by staff from TfL and the Safer Transport Team. Participants may have the opportunity to engage with one of TfL’s ticket inspectors (Revenue Protection Inspectors).

What happens off the bus?

Participants will experience using bus stops. They will be shown how to read all the information that they may come across at bus stops, such as the routes, bus numbers and local maps found at bus shelters. While waiting at the stop (or walking to the next stop) it is an ideal opportunity for the Safer Transport Team to talk about keeping safe while out on the streets of London (road safety and personal safety). Circuits of the bus route normally take around 20-25 minutes.

What else happens?

Throughout the time both inside and outside the bus there is always something going on. TfL Travel Mentors and the police will run sessions on safe and smart bus travel. There will be scenarios acted out by plain clothes officers and TfL staff throughout the session.

How can I set up a bus day?

Bus days work best as ongoing monthly events and can take up to six months or more to organise. The first step is to contact the TfL Travel Mentoring Service. We will put you in touch with a Travel Mentor who is experienced in setting up Bus Days, they will be able to advise and assist in setting up your own Bus Day in your area. As TfL oversees the Safer Transport Teams and all the bus operators in London, the Mentor can arrange contact with both and help plan suitable routes, scenarios and timetables to ensure that your day runs smoothly. 

The Travel Mentoring Service also holds information about other organisations and groups in your area that not only work with possible participants for the day, but also those that offer travel training. 

Can I come and see what goes on?

You are welcome to come and see a bus day in action by contacting the Travel Mentoring Team who will provide you with a coordinator’s contact details to book your place.



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Please contact Redbridge Connexions, Transport for London or your local school and/or college to book your child or young person on to one of the Bus Safe Days.

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