Looking after a brother or sister with a disability

Lots of young people help their parents to look after younger brothers or sisters by helping out at mealtimes or bath times or by playing with them - but if your brother or sister has a serious illness or a disability, you might find that you have to:

  • stay in the house to keep an eye on them a lot because they damage things or might hurt themselves if they are left on their own.
  • help give your brother or sister medicines or help feed them, wash them or lift them in or out of a wheelchair.
  • look after yourself a lot because your disabled brother or sister needs a lot of attention from your parents.
  • look after your parents when they are stressed out by looking after your brother/ sister.

Sometimes it can feel good to help a brother or sister that you love, but sometimes it can feel too much too cope with. You might feel angry with your brother/sister or with your parents. Your brother or sister might damage your things or argue a lot. You might be given a hard time from people at school because they see your brother or sister as "different" or "weird" and that can hurt a lot.

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