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Changing the timing of the neonatal BCG immunisation programme to a 28-day immunisation programme

BCG vaccine has been commissioned by National Health Service England (NHSE) to be delivered in community clinics for residents of our four NELFT London Boroughs, Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge & Waltham Forest. And the priority groups remain the same.

The neonatal BCG programme is still risk based and will no longer be delivered in maternity units. Babies who are eligible for BCG will be referred to community vaccination clinics.

From September 2021, the NHS introduced a new screening test to the New-born Blood Spot test for SCID - a genetic disorder. The treatment for this condition is more complicated if a baby has had the BCG vaccine. BCG vaccine will now be offered by 28 days of age when the test results are available. Parents will be required to bring the results of this screening to their BCG appointments.

Babies/children who fall within the PHE priority group A below, residing within the four NELFT London boroughs will be offered BCG vaccine in the community.

All infants (aged 0 to 12 months) with a parent or grandparent who was born in a country where the annual incidence of TB is 40/100,000 or greater.

The neonatal BCG vaccination is a specialist service, and we would encourage all parents to respond to their appointments. Non-attendance to appointments will lead to your child being discharged from the service.

We do not recommend private BCG vaccination since you have no assurance regarding the potency (strength) of these vaccines.

NHS England have set up an email contact point to enable parents, carer’s and other members of the public to raise questions or concerns on availability and on priority groups if they wish to do so. The email contact details are provided here.

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