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Specialist education and outreach services

Six schools within Redbridge provide outreach services to mainstream schools with specialist support:

Churchfields Language Facility Outreach Service provides support for children with moderate-severe specific speech and/or receptive/expressive language difficulties.

Hatton Outreach Support Service provides support for individual pupils in mainstream primary schools who have a range of significant language, social and learning needs.

Little Heath School Specialist Support Service provides specialist support in the secondary sector for students with learning difficulties and language and communication difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome.

New Rush Hall School Outreach Service provide specialist support to enable mainstream schools to meet the needs of pupils experiencing Behavioral, Emotional & Social Difficulties (BESD).

Newbridge Outreach Service support pupils aged pupils aged 2 to 19 years with a range of medical conditions and learning & physical difficulties.

Roding Outreach Service work with local audiological services and other professionals to meet the needs of all children in Redbridge, from birth to 25 with hearing difficulties.

In addition, Redbridge Council commission Joseph Clarke School for the Visually Impaired in Waltham Forest to provide outreach services to offer educational advice to young people with visual impairments and their parents/carers.

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