Peter Pans Day Nursery

Peter Pans Day Nursery is situated within the Barnardo’s garden village. We are close to the local amenities of Barkingside High Street and are easily accessible from the central line stations together with public bus routes.

The nursery was set up to offer parents the highest quality childcare for children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years. In addition to full time places, we also offer part-time places, of 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Government funding is claimed for your child the term following their 3rd birthday.

The premises are spacious, light and well heated. We have separate rooms for each age group, so as to offer your child the best possible start in life, ensuring your child has the space to feel secure and well loved. Each child is supported individually so as to make progress at their own pace. This is achieved by allocating your child their own keyperson who will work closely with you and your child especially during the settling in process.

The outdoor area is astro-turfed, secure and is used on a daily basis. Outdoor play has a positive impact on children's sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children's development.

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Claudine Pendle / Deborah White
020 8551 2757 020 8551 2757
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2, Thomas Barnardo Way
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When is it on
Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 6.00pm Closed for the week in between Christmas and New Year and also any bank holidays.

Childcare Information

Funded Places

Has 3 & 4 year old funding
Has 2 year old funding

Opening Times & Facilities

Outdoor garden
Hot meals provided
Parking available for pick up or drop off
Free Early Learning - 3 & 4 years
Free Early Learning - Extended entitlement
Caters for all dietary needs
Free Early Learning - 2 years
Caters for all cultural needs

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Age range
Early Years (0-4 years)
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Education Offer


At Peter Pans Day Nursery we are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each child. Everybody at Peter Pan’s Day Nursery has a belief in the individual worth of each child and a determination to ensure that they develop to their full potential, irrespective of their class, gender, ethnic origin, race, religion or disability.

We believe that every person is different but equal and that everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged.

It is the specific policy of Peter Pan’s Day Nursery not to discriminate against any child because of their race, colour, sex, age, creed, national origin or ability.

This includes the registration process, training, education and general development, daily nursery routine, discipline and ensures the opportunity to participate in all of the nursery’s activities.

We are committed to working alongside parents and carers and other outside agencies.
We will make any reasonable adjustments to the nursery or its environment so that all children can be cared for to meet their specific needs.
We work closely with parents of all children in the group to ensure that:

The group draws upon the knowledge and expertise of parents in planning provision for the child.
The child’s progress and achievements are shared and discussed with parents on a regular basis.
Peter Pans Day Nursery opened 2003 and is a privately run nursery, it is a converted house situated inside the Barnardo's village in Barkingside, within the London borough of Redbridge. The premises are spacious, light and well heated. The nursery serves the work force within Barnardo's and families living in the local community. The nursery is registered on the Early Years Register and a maximum of 41 children may attend the setting at any one time. It is open each weekday from of 8am to 6pm , 51 weeks of the year, excluding Bank Holidays. We are close to the local amenities of Barkingside High Street and are easily accessible from the central line stations, together with public bus routes.

It provides children access to four rooms, two on ground level and two upstairs. Both rooms upstairs have changing and toilet facilities but are not wheelchair accessible. The downstairs rooms cater for children from the ages of 3 months until 2 years and another room for children aged 2 -3 years. The downstairs rooms also have changing and toilet facilities with an additional disabled toilet.

The nursery has height adjustable tables as well as a mobile sensory tent which can be used in all four of the rooms. The outdoor area is astro-turfed, secure and is used on a daily basis, regardless of weather conditions.

The nursery was set up to offer parents the highest quality childcare for children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years. In addition to full time places. Each child is supported individually so as to make progress at their own pace, this is achieved by allocating your child their own keyperson, who will work closely with you and your child especially during the settling in process.

Identifying children's needs

Before a child is registered at the nursery with a recognised SEN we would like to meet with parents to work out a plan with the child’s parents in order to agree suitable arrangements.

We understand that this can be a very emotional time for both child and parent. Prior to the child's start date we will arrange a visit to the nursery to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, and to meet their key person. The amount of time that is spent settling in differs from each child and this will be reflected within the arrangements for future sessions.

We will meet and work alongside parents regularly and have parent consultation evenings 3 times a year, in addition to these, children with additional needs will have more meeting times with the child’s key person. This will be to discuss the child’s ever changing needs, capabilities and how well the child is performing. We work with the EYFS for all children. All children have either a daily report (3months – 2 years) or a communication diary (2 years and over) which is used to communicate with parents should they wish to do so.

We employ only qualified Nursery Practioners of both male and female gender. All of our staff are qualified with a DCE, NNEB, NVQ level 2 and 3 or equivalent. All of our staff currently have a First Aid and Food Hygiene qualification, with this updated every 3 years. In addition we have a SENCo, and two staff are RTT (Redbridge Top Talker) trained.

All staff have been police checked by the DBS, and references checked prior to employment.

The manager and deputy manager closely monitor staff and training is planned on a regular basis.

We also offer placements to students completing their Nursery Practioners training.

Students are supervised at all times and are never left on their own with the children.

We provide the children with breakfast, lunch and tea, with two snacks in between. Water, juice and whole milk are provided throughout the day. We will adhere to any special dietary requirements that your child has. We have a cook that prepares all of the children's meals on site, with a nutritious menu which is rotated on a four weekly basis. A copy of our menu is available for your perusal.

Dedicated contacts
  • Claudine Pendle - Owner
  • Debora White - Owner/safeguarding officer
  • Lauren White - Manager
  • Danielle Cole - Deputy Manager
  • Zoe Frost - SENCO
Involving children and their families
  • Planning and review meetings
  • Parenting advice
  • Regular contact between parents/carers and the setting
Range of support available
  • EYFS Curriculum  planning differentiation
  • Partnership working with other professionals
Measuring children's progress

Individual Outcomes Plan (IOP) are written to record the child’s progress. This Includes information about the short term targets set together for the child, the teaching strategies and the provision put into place, when the plan is to be reviewed, and the outcome of the action taken.

Regular review meetings with parents and Key person

  • Tracked progress
  • Plans are focused on the child with short specific targets
Support and training for school staff

We currently have one staff member who has completed SENCO training, two staff completed RTT trainin, 2 staff Epi Pen trained.. We have additional support from the SEN advisor who works for Redbridge Early years Team, including access to a health practioner service, and have previously had support from community nurses.

Accessibility of the school

The building is accessible for wheelchair users on ground level only. A disabled toilet is located on the ground floor. Changing facilities are available on the ground floor.

Any additional arrangements will be discussed with parents before the child starts at the nursery. The nursery is on a conservation area, so some adjustments may not be possible due to building regulations.


Risk assessment will be carried out once we are aware of child’s needs and adapted to ensure that children are all able to take part in daily activities inside and outside. This will include any outings they may go on. We may be able to use different aids and resources, to include all the children.

Transition arrangements

Meetings are arranged with parents and the new key person. Settling observations are carried out when the child moves between different rooms. The transition form and summary sheet are sent onto the new school. The new Key person(or school) is encouraged to visit the child in the setting. The child will be supported according to their needs to enable them to adapt to the changes. 

Support and training for parents and carers
  • Parent consultation
  • Links with Children’s Centres
Further information

Further information can be found on our website.


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