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  1. Business planning (extended entitlement)

    In this section you will find information to support your business planning, including: Understand your business Understand your finances Understand the local market Managing and monitoring your finances Using market research to plan
  2. Childcare costs in Redbridge

    The local authority is responsiblefor analysing the average costs of childcare. This helps families to plan for their childcare needs and also feeds into national research on the costs of childcare for families.
  3. Communications

    This section is for early years and childcare settings and provides a record of all communications sent by FiND, Redbridge Early Years and sent on behalf of other organisations. As many of the updates contain information specific to settings you will need to be logged…
  4. Contacting the Redbridge Early Years Service

    Early Years and Childcare Improvement Teams (EYCIT) The Early Years and Childcare Improvement Teams (EYCIT) provide advice, guidance and support to early years and childcare settings. This can include where you have a query relating to the EYFS, business support and developing your childcare practice. …
  5. Early education and childcare

    In this area you will find details of how to choose the right place for your child, as well as details of registered and unregistered childcare and early education providers.   The sections below will help you in choosing an early years or childcare setting.  To…
  6. Early learning for 2 year olds (practitioners)

    Up to 40% of two year olds nationally are entitled to up to 15 hours of funded early education a week term time until they become entitled for the universal funded early education for three and four year olds (the term following their third birthday)…
  7. Early Years

    This section has been developed for early years and childcare providers! We understand that there is a lot of information you need to keep up with so we hope that the information will be of use to you.    Here are some quick links into common…
  8. Extended entitlement resources

    In this section you will find a range of resources, both local and national. It will assist you in business planning, reviewing flexible models of delivery and support on how to work in partnership.
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