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  1. Early Years

    This section has been developed for early years and childcare providers! We understand that there is a lot of information you need to keep up with so we hope that the information will be of use to you.    Here are some quick links into common…
  2. EPT - Empowering Parents Together (Redbridge)

    Welcome to EPT -  Empowering Parents Together (Redbridge) Are you a parent or carer of a child or young person with special educational needs or a disability aged 0-25 living in Redbridge? Do you want better services for them? We help parent carers of children…
  3. Extended entitlement resources

    In this section you will find a range of resources, both local and national. It will assist you in business planning, reviewing flexible models of delivery and support on how to work in partnership.
  4. Flexible models of delivery

    This section provides information on flexible models of delivery. This will assist you to arrange how the extended and universal entitlements will work best for your business and your families.  
  5. Funding

    This section aims to provide you with information on all things funding, including: Early years entitlements Funding available for settings Childcare costs This section will also provide you with information on how you can assist the families you work with who may not be aware of…
  6. Further information

    This section covers further information on early years. Please click on the view all services to show a list of services and information available to you.
  7. Health

    It is vital that you have the information, policies and procedures in place to deal with everything relating to children's health. This section will have information from daily medication to what happens in an emergency! What do you need to consider? Here is a list of…
  8. Health and medicines

    As you already know it is vital that you have policies and procedures in place to deal with everything relating to children’s health – from daily medication information to what happens in an emergency! This section should have some helpful information to assist you when…
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