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  1. Funded play and childcare places for 2 year olds

    Children of eligible parents can access up to 15 hours of funded play, childcare and early education for up to 15 hours per week. If eligible, your child could get up to 15 hours a week of funded early learning and childcare in a participating day nursery,…
  2. Money for childcare

    Everyone seems to be talking about the cost of childcare these days. And it’s true, childcare isn’t cheap. Fortunately there are lots of options out there to suit you, your child and your budget. Better still, there’s more financial help available than you might imagine.…
  3. Money matters

    Money, money, money! That is what these pages tell you about - the funding that is available to help you as a family what ever your circumstance, along with the sources of advice available for all things money. Emergency Food: There are organisations in Redbridge who…
  4. Help towards childcare costs

    There are many different schemes and grants available to parents for help towards childcare costs. Help is available for Free Childcare and Education, Working Parents and Students Parents.
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