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  1. Maps

    This section provides links to maps of services in Redbridge, such as schools, childcare providers, Children's Centres and libraries. We also provide summary maps of various types of provisions along with data on which ward and CRC they are based in. These are useful if you are looking…
  2. Health

    It is vital that you have the information, policies and procedures in place to deal with everything relating to children's health. This section will have information from daily medication to what happens in an emergency! What do you need to consider? Here is a list of…
  3. Council Services

    This section brings together details of all council- managed children's services and teams in Redbridge. Services for adults whose duties may impact on the children within family are also inculded on this section.  
  4. Local Offer

    The Redbridge Local Offer is for children and young people with SEND (0 to 25 years) and their families. It details the services and support available. To go to the Redbridge Local Offer site please visit  
  5. Contacting the Redbridge Early Years Service

    Early Years and Childcare Improvement Teams (EYCIT) The Early Years and Childcare Improvement Teams (EYCIT) provide advice, guidance and support to early years and childcare settings. This can include where you have a query relating to the EYFS, business support and developing your childcare practice. …
  6. EPT - Empowering Parents Together (Redbridge)

    Welcome to EPT -  Empowering Parents Together (Redbridge) Are you a parent or carer of a child or young person with special educational needs or a disability aged 0-25 living in Redbridge? Do you want better services for them? We help parent carers of children…
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