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Your job as a parent is one of the most important there is - and unlike many other jobs it doesn’t come with training or a handbook! All parents need advice and guidance at some point when they are bringing up their children and you…

Your toddler's development

On this page you will find some useful information on your toddler's development, including details of services available, related guidance pages and quick links to helpful websites.

Lone parents

Being a single parent can be hard work. It can be lonely sometimes - and hard work.  As well as the day-to-day stuff there are all the things two parent families take for granted...not having a second opinion in the middle of the night when…

Looked after children (children in care)

What does “looked after children” mean? The term “Looked After” was introduced by the Children Act 1989 and refers to children and young people: under the age of 18 who live away from their parents or family are supervised by a social worker from the…

Managing your child's behaviour

Most parents find bringing up their children very rewarding, but also pretty demanding. All children challenge the rules of behaviour they're set - this is just a part of growing up, learning and becoming and independent person. It takes time for a child to understand…


The role of grandparents has always been important but with more of us relying on our parents to help out with childcare - one in four grandparents care for their grandchildren on a regular basis - grandparents are becoming more and more central to family…
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