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London Borough of Redbridge wants as many children as possible to go to their local mainstream school. Schools are allocated funding for pupils identified with special educational needs. Redbridge Council expects this funding to be used to provide support within the school for those pupils who require it.

If you think your child has SEN or a disability, you should talk to your school, early years setting or college. Start with the class teacher or the SENCo (a teacher who co-ordinates the SEN provision in the school).

If your child’s school thinks your child has SEN, they should talk to you to see what you think and gather evidence such as reports about your child’s progress. If they decide to provide your child with support for their SEN, they must tell you.

If your child has SEN, your school will do its very best to give your child the support they need. That could include getting advice and support from specialists outside the school (such as an Educational Psychologist or advisory service).

Children with SEN will be provided with SEN support. SEN support replaces School Action/School Action Plus (in schools) and Early Years Action/Early Years Action Plus (in early years settings).

Children and young people with more complex needs might instead need an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. EHC plans replace statements of SEN and Learning Disability Assessments (LDAs).

High Needs Review

There was a consultation in the summer to seek views on the future arrangements for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND).

Please see the letter in the download section for an update on this review.

Local SEND Offers

Click on the categories on the right to go straight to Local SEND Offers for early education settings, primary schools, special schools and post-16 education providers in Redbridge. 

Redbridge Schools Forum

Each Local Authority must have it's own Schools Forum. It's responsibility is to oversee schools within the authority, agree budget allocations and oversee projects and work that affects more than one school. It meets between 3 and 4 times per year and you can find all the agendas and minutes here.

DfE Special Provision Capital Fund

The DfE has notified the London Borough of Redbridge that its Special Provision Fund allocation is just over £5 million for 2018/19 to 2020/21. The most recent iteration of Redbridge’s plan was published in June 2021. Further to this, the DfE announced additional funding under the High Needs Provision Capital Allocation for 2021/22, which totalled approximately £1.8 million. Redbridge has formulated a high-level plan for this funding, which is shown in the High Needs Provision Capital allocation document, also published in June2021.

Both plans are working documents and subject to further updates and refinement, as our planning evolves in line with ongoing discussions with schools and a more detailed forecast of need. As such, the plans will be updated and republished at appropriate times in the future, as proposals become formalised.

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