The Local SEND Offer

The Children and Families Act requires every local council in England to publish a detailed directory of what help there is in their area for children and young people with special educational needs. This is called the ‘Local Offer’. More than simply a directory of services, the Local Offer must be a resource to help children, young people and their families plan their support needs.

The Local SEND Offer in Redbridge has now been launched, and is hosted by Informed Families on the FiND website.

Who is the Local Offer for?

The Local Offer is primarily designed for use by parent/carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). However, it will also enable practitioners and professionals to see clearly which services are available in their local area and how and when they can be accessed.

How can it help me?

The Local SEND Offer provides clear and accurate information about local education, health and care services, making it easier to choose and access the services you need.

What makes the Local Offer different?

The Local Offer is not simply a directory of information or a list of services available. It provides all the information you need to help you identify suitable support, to increase your knowledge so you can make informed decisions about the resources needed to enable your child or young person with SEND to be able to participate, and to enjoy and achieve their goals.

It includes clear and transparent information on access to services, any eligibility criteria, how decisions are made and who makes them. This ensures you can see exactly what support is available to you.

The Local Offer will inform joint planning and commissioning of services within Education, Health and Social Care and provide information to support parent carers and young people who have a personal budget.

Need more information or want to give feedback?

If you have a question about The Local Offer that is not answered above, or need more information, then please email You can also give your feedback about the local offer here.

Click here to go to the Parents and Carers Local Offer

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