Identifying and Assessing SEND

Identifying SEND in the Early Years

For children aged 0 to 5 years, you may become aware of a developmental delay or special educational need or disability (SEND) at birth or in later observations by your GP or health visitor, a children's centre or your childcare provider.

Discuss your concerns with your child's pre school or nursery. When a concern is raised by a parent or professional, a referral can be made to the SEND Early Years Panel who then co-ordinate the delivery of support to the child.

Identifying SEND in Primary and Secondary School Years

If you think your child has SEN or a disability, you should talk to your school, early years setting or college. 

All schools and setting will have clear procedures for the early identification of Special Education Needs set out in their individual SEN policies. Talk to the class teacher or the SENCO to discuss your concernsIf your child's needs cannot be met through SEND support (add link)   then a request for an EHC assessment may be made.

The EHC assessment Process

Your child's school or setting can make a referral for an EHC assessment or if you prefer you can make the referral directly on 020 8708 8210 and a member of the SEN team will be able to guide you through the process.

Once a referral has been made to the SEN team, a meeting with the child or young person’s parents is arranged. Other relevant professionals may attend this meeting. The needs of the child are discussed and an assessment will be requested if necessary.

If the Local Authority agrees to carry out an assessment, a facilitator will work with the family to complete Part A of the plan. This section is all about the child or young person, and includes their personal details, their views and their family’s views. A SEN Case Officer (Coordinator) will coordinate the assessment and gather the relevant information from all the professionals involved.

Once the reports have been received a joint meeting with professionals, parents and the child or young person will be held to identify outcomes needed for the child and to look at what provision may be required.

The SEN Case Officer will then write the EHC plan and present it to the management resource group for agreement of provision (including named school). This plan will then be sent out to the parents for approval being finalised.

The EHC process usually takes around 20 weeks.

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