Help and Support

In Redbridge, our vision for children and young people with special educational needs and disability is that they: 

  • Are supported to develop well in their early years at home;
  • Receive ongoing support throughout their formal education to help them develop and achieve their full potential;
  • Their families are offered real choices and control over decisions affecting them and their future.

The SEND Reforms came into effect as of 1st September 2014. The reforms feature three main strands:

  • The Local Offer, which details all of the services and support available in the borough and surrounding area, including those that can be accessed without an assessment
  • Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans, which replaces Statements of Special Educational Needs
  • Joint Commissioning between Education, Health and Social Care in order to ensure appropriate, timely and efficient delivery of services

All three strands are interlinked and cannot work without each other. The SEND Local Offer is the first stop to identify what is available in Redbridge and whether a child or young person’s needs can be met without additional support or assessments. 

If a child or young person needs more support with their education than can be offered within the Local Offer then they can apply for an EHC Plan. The EHC plan identifies all a child’s needs, including their health and social care needs, not just their educational needs. It will identify what services are required in order to meet their outcomes and these will be agreed via a Joint Commissioning Panel. 

Children and young people with an EHC Plan have the right to request a personal budget for their support.  A personal budget is an amount of money provided to the family to enable them to directly purchase all or some of the provision set out in their EHC plan. 

For answers to frequently asked questions relating to SEN in Redbridge, please see the "Questions and Answers" document on the right of this page.


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