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Coronavirus | Updates, advice and resources for families and practitioners

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Drugs, alcohol and substance misuse

Many parents worry that their children may be smoking, drinking or using drugs.  Prevention is better than cure - don't let your children see you smoke, drink or take drugs - your example is crucial.

If you find out that your child has or may have taken drugs it can be frightening because of the potential effects.  This can be due to your lack of knowledge about drugs and not feeling confident about talking about them.  Most young people who experiment with drugs do not go on to use them on a permanent basis.  Therefore, addiction, crime and death are not as usual as stories in the media can lead us to believe. 

It is vitally important, however that children are aware of the risks of using drugs, alcohol and volatile substances (e.g. solvents).  More young people experience problems through excessive drinking than through drug use.

On this page you will find some useful information on drugs and alcohol misuse, including details of services available, related guidance pages and quick links to helpful websites.

This section of the Family Services Directory is produced and maintained by FiND and partners on the Mental Health/Substance Misuse Forum in Redbridge. 


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