Just for dads (parenting)

Being a dad is a big job. You’re like a hero to your child and there’s no time off. They want you there to steady their bike, help them with homework, play football, read stories and make them laugh.

The more you are there for your kids, the better it is for them. If you’re involved, children are more likely to stay out of trouble with the police, leave drugs alone, and do better at school. They’re also more likely to get on well with their parents in their teens and end up in a happy relationship when they’re older.

Some interesting facts about the modern dad:

  • 93% of dads take time off when their child is born
  • 87% of dads feel as confident about caring for their baby as their partner
  • the average time dads spend with young children has increased by 800% since the 1970s

On this page you will find advice and guidance, useful links and details of services available that may be able to help and support you.

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