Active lifestyles

You don't have to be a sporty type to be active. Going for a walk, doing the housework or carrying the shopping are all effective. Just putting a bit more effort into physical tasks and relying less on labour saving devices is an excellent start.

Walking is one of the easiest ways of being more active. You don't have to buy special clothing or spend hours in the gym. Walking is free and it's something nearly everyone can do. Regular, brisk walking actually lowers the risk of heart disease.

Did you know that inactivity doubles your risk of heart disease?

If you've been more of a doolittle than a go-getter up until now, don't try to do too much all in one go. Take it step by step. Gradually build up your activity levels then keep up the good work - because staying fit means staying active.

On this page you will find some useful information on active lifestyles, including details of services available, related guidance pages and quick links to helpful websites.

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