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Coronavirus | Updates, advice and resources for families and practitioners

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Getting involved in your child's education

As a parent, you will already know that you are your child’s most valuable teacher. The lessons they learn at home will affect how they interact with other people and the world around them. And, like most parents, you will probably want to do all you can to make sure they have a good future ahead of them.

Your influence doesn’t have to stop when your child is at school. Children whose parents take an active interest in their education and their homework are more likely to be successful in the classroom and later in life. So it pays to get involved.

Even if you already play a part in your child’s education, you might find information on this page useful such helpful tips and making the most of parent's evenings. It shows how other parents have got involved without giving up day-to-day responsibilities and it applies to children of any age..


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