Childminders in Redbridge

What can a childminder offer?

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Registered with Ofsted or a registered childminding agency where caring for children under 8 years
  • Full daycare or out of school care
  • Typically open between 7am and 8am and close between 6pm and 7pm
  • Some childminders meet additional criteria aimed at ensuring committed and quality childminding practice (network childminders)
  • Can offer earlier/later start times, or overnight
  • Can offer funded early education places, Tax Free Childcare and childcare costs through tax credits/universal credit

Choosing a childminder

For information on choosing a childcare provider, please click here.

Finding a childminder

For a list of childminders registered with Ofsted that have chosen to include their information on this directory, please press the 'View all services' button. Once in the list, you can filter by age, location and much more.  

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