This section provides advice and links to both the process that happens when someone dies, as well as the support available to those who have lost someone in their lives. 

Please see the sections below for further information. 

Details of support groups within Redbridge can also be found in the 'View all services' section. 

Death and bereavement (GOV UK)
What to do if your loved one dies (Redbridge Council)

Losing a loved one is difficult at any time, but with so many changes to our usual customs, this can feel even harder.

These changes may mean you have many questions that you need to be answered. We will try to help you where we can but we will also direct you to partners and charities that are there to guide you and your family through this process, especially when you may not be able to meet with your wider family or friends for extra support.

Visit for more details. 

Register a death (Redbridge Council)

Death registrations need to be registered in person, by appointment. You can book an appointment at

Registration of stillborn babies (Redbridge Council)

Stillbirths in England and Wales must be registered within 42 days of the stillbirth. To register, please contact the Register Office.

Please visit for more details. 

Talk to someone about your loss (Redbridge Council)

There are lots of organisations who can provide help and support to you while you grieve your loved one. We know it can be a really challenging time and is a really good idea to seek help if you are finding things difficult.

These services are there to listen and help provide you with the right information and advice during this difficult time. Sometimes just talking to someone can help take some of the pressure and stress when dealing with the formal side of dealing with a bereavement especially when you may not be able to meet up with your wider family or friends. 

Visit for more details. 

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