Living and coping with child sexual exploitation (PACE)

Finding out that your child is being or has been sexually exploited is extremely traumatic. You might find yourself in shock or in denial. You might feel angry, guilty, upset, confused, scared, embarrassed, annoyed, helpless and  depressed. These feelings and reactions are normal and understandable.

It is vital to remember that you are not to blame for your child’s exploitation and that they have been targeted by a ruthless and manipulative criminal.

It is also important that you tell someone and seek help during this difficult time. You may be understandably fearful that you will be judged. Pace has over 16 years’ experience and expertise of supporting parents of sexually exploited children and will never judge you. It is a safe place for you.

Find out more, including:

  • Coping with child sexual exploitation in the family
  • Feelings and physical symptoms
  • Why didn’t my child tell me?
  • My child keeps shutting me out; I can’t reach out to them
  • I’m scared for my child’s health and future. What are the long-term affects? 
  • Responding to long-term child sexual exploitation


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  1. Living and coping with child sexual exploitation (PACE)

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