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What is READY to LEARN and why is it important?

READY to LEARN starts at birth with the support of parents and other important adults who care for them. 

Children are READY to LEARN when they can play with their friends and interact with the familiar adults in their lives. It is when they are ready to learn new skills, try things out and can cope emotionally and physically with new challenges that school life brings. 

As their parent/carer, you are your child’s first play mate and teacher. Practising the tips, ideas and activities on these pages will really help them to enjoy learning, feel good about themselves and be happy, healthy and ready to start nursery or school.

If your child is READY to LEARN by the time they reach formal schooling (reception class at age 4 or 5 years) it is more likely that they will learn, grow and succeed throughout their school life and beyond.

Do not worry if your child cannot do all these things by the time they start school. Just keep practising together and should you need more support see the More information section of this leaflet.


Children with additional needs

For some children, becoming ready for school may be more challenging. Advice and support is available to ensure all children can enjoy learning new skills and start school. You may wish to meet with the school to discuss the support for your child when they move from an early years setting into a primary school. Please see the Redbridge Local SEND Offer for more information.


Why is READY to LEARN important?

Research* shows that to do well in school and life, families with young children need access to:

  • good maternal mental health
  • learning activities such as speaking and reading 
  • regular physical activity for early brain development and learning
  • parenting support programmes
  • high quality early education because this improves health and learning outcomes
*Improving School Readiness: creating a better start for London – Public Health England (2015).
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