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School Admissions Arrangements 2020/2021 Consultation

The Local Authority are undertaking a consultation on issues relating to school admissions, in order for the existing arrangements to be reviewed and updated.

Anyone with an interest in education, such as parents, community groups or schools may like to comment on the proposals.

The arrangements upon which consultation is taking place are as follows:

  • Including a criterion to give priority to children of school staff, up to one child per class, in school sixth forms.
  • Giving the second highest priority to previously Looked After children from outside of England and Wales.
  • Changing the oversubscription criterion relating to siblings in primary schools to withdraw this criterion if the address has changed after the child on roll was offered their place, and the distance in now greater than one mile from the school.
  • Removing the wording in section 1.7 of the admission arrangements which is covered in other sections of the arrangements.
  • Reducing the published admission numbers from 120 to 90 at Cleveland Road Primary School and Mayespark Primary School.

A copy of the consultation document and its appendices can be viewed online at:

The survey can be found at:

Any observations are welcomed and comments can be made through the online consultation or sent by e-mail to under the title “Response to Admissions Consultation 2020/21”, please.

The deadline for comment is Friday 16 November 2018.

This will enable any observations to be considered by the Authority's Cabinet at its meeting on 12 February 2019 before it decides the final admission arrangements.

Please note that Redbridge schools that are responsible for their own admissions may also be consulting on admissions for their own schools if they propose any changes to their arrangements or have not consulted in the last 7 years. This includes all voluntary aided faith schools, foundation schools and academies, including free schools. Schools can only change their arrangements if they consult, so without consultation they must remain unchanged.


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