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Training Guidelines: from bookings to certification

Training is a crucial part of professional development for practitioners working with young children.  All practitioners need to attend training to update their knowledge, skills and to be enthused and motivated in their practice, in order to improve outcomes for children and families in Redbridge. 

Training should not be viewed as a single event but as an ongoing process to make a difference.  In order to impact practice, the training process needs careful planning, follow up and monitoring.

All settings providing Free Early Education Entitlement and 2 Year Old Funding in the London Borough of Redbridge are expected to access training as a condition of the eligibility for this. 

Managers in PVI settings, Out of school clubs and childminders with assistants are expected to support their staff to find appropriate training to meet their individual needs, the needs of the setting and the needs of the children.

Network Childminders are reminded that they are required to undertake at least 20 hours of training per year to comply with their network agreement.

See below for full guidance information for attendees and setting managers.

How to book, confirmations and cancellations

How to book training

Courses within the training brochure are divided into the following areas:

  • Safeguarding and Welfare 
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Online Training
  • Becoming a Childminder
  • Forums, Networks and Meetings

For any of the courses, forums and meetings listed in this brochure you will need to complete a 2019-2020 booking form – this can be downloaded at

Please ensure when placing a booking that you take care to ensure you will have sufficient staff cover and that you are booking the most appropriate member of your team on the course.

Please return your completed booking form(s) to You can return your booking forms at any time however please note that bookings are allocated on a first come first served basis. If we have to cancel a course we will let you know via email at the earliest opportunity.


Training for those with multiple Ofsted registrations

If your business has more than one Ofsted registration number then you must complete a separate booking form for each registered setting.

Staff should be booked onto training under the setting they work for.


Checking your bookings

Once you have received your booking confirmation you are responsible for checking that this is accurate and alerting the service to any errors.

Please also check your course confirmation for the booking status (booked, waiting list, etc).  The candidate for each course will need to bring a copy of the course confirmation to show to the trainer on arrival – this can be shown electronically on a device and does not have to be printed. If you are not on the course register or able to show evidence of your confirmation for the course you will not be admitted to the course.


How to cancel or amend your booking 

In order to cancel a booking without charge you will need to provide written notice at least 5 days before the date of the course (for example where a course is taking place on a Monday we must have notice on or before the previous Wednesday). Your cancellation email will need to specify the course and the name of the candidate who will not be attending.  Please send to

We will not actively seek an alternate candidate for a place cancelled within 5 days of the course but where there is a waiting list and we are able to fill the cancelled place we will waive the cancellation fee, which is the full cost of the course. 

If there are any changes to your booking (such as change of attendee) please inform Redbridge Early Years Training Team as soon as possible at If you are making changes on the day of the course please call 020 8708 8929 or 020 8708 8930.

Late arrivals, venues and parking

Late arrivals 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the course start time to allow for registration. Please note that delegates arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time may be turned away to avoid disruption to the training delivery. Delegates wishing to leave before the end of the course will not be provided with a certificate of attendance.


Course venues

GEARIES CHILDREN’S CENTRE | Waremead Road, Gants Hill, Essex, IG2 6TF

Gearies Children’s Centre is located very close to Redbridge Institute and Gearies Primary School and has its own pedestrian entrance at the corner of Waremead Road and Kenwood Gardens. The centre has no designated car parking. Free parking may be found in surrounding residential areas and pay and display parking may be available at  Gants Hill Library car park on Cranbrook Road (about 5 minutes walk from the centre). Click here for a venue map.

REDBRIDGE DRAMA CENTRE | Churchfields, South Woodford, London, E18 2RB

Redbridge Drama Centre is located next door to Churchfields Primary School and has no designated car parking for visitors. Free parking may be found in surrounding residential areas and pay and display parking is available on Derby Road (behind Tesco Express), about 5 minutes walk from the centre). Click here for a venue map.

Please note that you cannot access Churchfields from Broadmead Road between the hours of 7.30am to 10.00am and 4.00pm to 7.00pm. There is CCTV surveillance operating and you will receive a significant fine if you use this route during these times. Vehicles should access Churchfields via the High Road.

Other venues include

Course fees, how to pay and specific course policies

Course fees

Fees for settings registered with Ofsted within the London Borough of Redbridge

The course fees shown below are applicable to all early years providers and schools registered directly with Ofsted within the Redbridge area:

Courses up to 4 hours                     £25.00 (or £35.00 for courses with resource pack provided)
Courses between 4 to 7 hours                £40.00 (or £50.00 for courses with resource pack provided)
Courses over 7 hours         Prices will be stated
Training packages (e.g. SOAP)      Prices will be stated
Forums £10.00


Fees for proposed and external settings, academies, free schools and childminders registered with a Childminding Agency

Settings registered outside of Redbridge and those registered with a Childminding Agency are now able to access most courses within our termly training programme. Redbridge Academies and Free Schools are also welcome to book onto training. The course fees shown below are applicable to early years providers and schools outside of Redbridge, as well as Academies, Free Schools and any childminders registered with a Childminding Agency. Any proposed settings either within or outside of Redbridge can also access training at the following rates.


Courses up to 4 hours £37.50 (or £47.50 for courses with resource pack provided)
Courses between 4 &7 hours                 £60.00 (or £70.00 for courses with resource pack provided)
Courses over 7 hours Prices will be stated
Training packages (e.g. SOAP) Prices will be stated


How to pay

You will be sent an invoice via email by the London Borough of Redbridge Payment and Benefits department at the end of each term. You can pay this invoice online, by telephone or in person at a Post Office or through PayPoint or payzone. Full details will be given on the invoice.

To avoid any delay please ensure that you provide the email address that you would prefer invoices to be sent to on the section provided within the Early Years Training Booking Form.

Failure to pay any invoice may result in formal debt collection procedures and you will be unable to book further training until any debt is settled. Therefore if you have any queries relating to the amount you are being charged please contact If you need further advice on how to pay your invoice please contact the Payments and Benefits Team using the details on your invoice.


Course specific policies

    Training needs, bespoke training, complaints, evaluation and certificates

    Meeting your training needs

    If you identify any training needs that are not met by the current training programme please discuss this with the EYCIT Training and Workforce Development Lead or Locality Lead.

    Bespoke training

    Bespoke training may be provided by members of the EYCIT team on request (subject to availability). If you are an Amber or Red RAG assessed Redbridge setting and this is training that has been recommended you may have one such training session per year free of charge. You will need to pay the standard fees shown below for any additional sessions. If you are a Green RAG assessed Redbridge setting and/or you request training that has not been particularly recommended as a priority by EYCIT then you will need to pay the standard fees shown below.

    Fees for bespoke training

    • Bespoke training delivered to delegates working within a Redbridge setting will be charged at £15.00 per person, with a minimum course cost of £150.00.
    • Bespoke training delivered to delegates working in a setting outside of Redbridge will be charged at £17.50 per person, with a minimum course cost of £175.00 (this includes candidates working outside of Redbridge but attending a bespoke course based within a Redbridge setting)

    Terms and conditions for bespoke training

    • Settings must cancel more than 48 hours prior to the start time of the course or will be charged in full
    • Settings must send a list of all candidates to the EYCIT Trainer 5 working days prior to the course
    • Settings will be charged based on the rate shown above per attendee, or the minimum course charge if less than 10 attendees
    • All bespoke training will be invoiced on a termly basis

    Elklan Speech Language and Support 3-5 years

    This training can be offered in-house. Please contact Carla Melis-Cornelius to discuss:

    Safeguarding Training

    This training can be provided over either a half or full day session charged at:

    • £20 per person for half day, to Redbridge settings with a minimum course cost of £200
    • £22.50 per person for half day, to out of borough settings with a minimum cost of £225.00
    • £40 per person for a full day, to Redbridge settings with a minimum cost of £400
    • £45 per person for a full day, to out of borough settings with a minimum cost of £450

    The minimum course costs are based on 10 people attending.

    Other terms and conditions apply as above.

    Complaints procedure

    What if a customer isn’t happy with the service they receive?

    If you are not happy with the service that you receive, whether it’s about the Early Years Service, training delivered or current policies and procedures then you can take the following steps:

    In the first instance talk to the person that you have dealt with in Early Years or the trainer and explain to them why you are unhappy and what you want to happen to put things right.

    If you remain unhappy with how they deal with your concerns, or you do not wish to talk to the person concerned (because for instance your complaint is about them), then please contact Dianne Borien, Head of Early Years in writing to Your complaint will be dealt with promptly and you will receive an answer within ten working days.

    If you remain unhappy you can make a complaint about a Council service by going to Complaints about our services on the Redbridge Council website.


    Evaluation forms and certificates online

    You will receive an email to complete an online evaluation form after you have completed the course. Once you have completed your evaluation, your certificate will be emailed to you within 10 working days.

    Managing the training process in your setting

    Providing opportunities for all staff 

    All practitioners should be supported to access training on a rolling programme throughout the year.  Budgets need to include provision for training courses and cover for the practitioner in order to maintain ratios.  There should be time in setting for practitioners to discuss training actions with the manager and time in meetings to feedback key points and useful information, (e.g. hand outs) from courses.

    What training is needed? 

    You will need to consider the following when deciding which training is a priority for your setting...

    • Development plans - what are the priorities identified for your setting in the year ahead?
    • RAG rating - the key development points identified in your most recent RAG rating
    • Ofsted - any inspection actions or areas highlighted within your SEF
    • QUILT - the area of your current QUILT module
    • Supporting identified groups of children who are at risk of underachieving (such as boys, EAL, SEN, summer-born children, etc.)
    • Personal development identified through supervision and appraisal of individuals in your setting

    Target audience 

    You will need to consider the most appropriate member of staff for each course. Managers and deputies attending training will assist in affecting practice in your setting. Co-ordinators will need to be able to continually update their practice in their lead areas and ensure key areas are improved. No matter what a person's role is within a setting all individuals will benefit from ongoing personal development and help ensure that all staff are continually looking to improve practice for the children you care for.

    Whoever attends it is always important to factor in time for reflection and feedback to the setting leaders and co-workers and the opportunity for that member of staff to make the changes to improve practice.

    Practicalities of training 

    • Ensure you provide the booking confirmation to the member of staff attending - they will need to take this with them to the course or be able to show this electronically
    • Cover to be arranged to ensure ratios are maintained and a contingency plan if other staff are absent
    • If out of working hours will staff be able to claim overtime or take time off in lieu?
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