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Who to contact if you are worried about a child or young person

Everyone in our community can help to keep children and young people safe.

You may be a neighbour, a friend or relative and have concerns about a child that you know. Perhaps you are a parent and you know that you need help or are worried about the way that your partner behaves. It could also be that you don’t know what to do or about the help that is available to support families in Redbridge.
It can be hard to take action. You might think that it is better not to interfere in case you make things worse or be afraid that if you do take action you will lose a friend or end up in a row with a neighbour or relative. You may be worried that you could be breaking up a family and that children could be put in care. You tell yourself that someone else will notice and do something. But what if they don’t?
When children are harmed the sad thing is that in many cases there had been someone who had a feeling that something was wrong - but who did nothing.
What you need to know
There are services in Redbridge that are available to advise you if you have concerns about a child or young person. There are also places where families can go for support and guidance. 

Remember: child abuse is not easy to recognise, prevent or stop. But if we work together as a community we can help to make Redbridge a safer place for children and young people to live. 

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