Looking after a child who is not your own – Private Fostering Information for Professionals

The law states that we have to be notified of any private fostering arrangements so that the Child Protection Team can complete an assessment to ensure that the child in this arrangement is safe. Schools and admissions teams are of vital importance in identifying these arrangements.

Please see the information below and attached. Would you kindly forward to your staff to ensure that the Child Protection and Assessment Team (CPAT) are notified of such arrangements. There is also a form which can be completed which is sent to the CPAT inbox for them to investigate.

Do you know of a child who is being cared for by someone who is not a close relative for more than 28 days?

Private fostering describes an arrangement when someone who is not a close relative cares for another person’s child under the age of 16 (18 if disabled) for 28 days or more.

A close relative is considered to be an aunt, uncle, grandparent, step parent or siblings. Other family members such as cousins or great aunts are not classed as close relatives for the purposes of Private Fostering. Private Fostering also includes families hosting overseas students being educated in the UK.

To notify us about a private fostering arrangement in Redbridge, please contact Redbridge Children’s Services on 020 8708 3885 or by email CPAT.Referrals@redbridge.gov.uk

For more information please visit our website: https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/private-fostering

Page last reviewed: 15/06/2023

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